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My maintenance log

Boat: the maintenance quiz

10 questions to test

your knowledge of boat maintenance

Having a well-maintained boat is the key to getting the most out of it. But between the trailer , the engine , the freshwater circuit , the electronic devices , the electrical system , the safety measures or the general instructions for use of the boat, mastering all these notions implies a considerable commitment.

We have created a short quiz that will allow you to test your knowledge and ensure the proper maintenance of your boat  !

The Quiz


To properly maintain your boat, have the BoatOn Book reflex. The BoatOn Book is your boat's health book: monitoring of maintenance, personalized alerts, document storage and optimization of your budget. You can see the whole life of your boat and value your maintenance for resale.

Do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to write to us, one of our captains will answer you as soon as possible! And to see us in real life, we put you a little video with Tabascopierro 😉

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