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Be recognized by your peers and win prizes

Join BoatOn's exclusive community of ambassadors for access to top experts and prizes

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Join our community of committed sailors and try your hand at becoming a Gold Ambassador.

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Who is our program for?

The BoatOn ambassador program is designed for professionals looking to :

  1. leverage their experience and know-how by offering a complete and efficient French online fleet management solution

  2. exchange with peers to help professionalize their industry

  3. meet other captains, chief engineers, superintendents, etc. beyond their immediate network

Technical directors & superintendents

Exchange with your peers and optimize your organization. Your position keeps you on the lookout for innovations and best practices in the marine industry.

Captains & chief engineers

Promote your know-how and skills by sharing videos and sharing with other professionals.

Project managers

Integrate best practices right from the start of a new project. Enhance your knowledge of maintenance, fleet management and ecological transition.

How does it work?

  1. Ask your BoatOn contact to sign you up for the Ambassador program. Depending on your profile and skills, you'll be directed to the right networks and tools.

  2. You'll also receive a document to help you communicate the BoatOn brand and create content.

  3. And that's it! You're officially a brand ambassador and can start earning points.


Share a picture of you using the BoatOn Book on Social Media

Earn 30 points


Get interviewed about the BoatOn Book

Earn 80 points

Serrer des mains

Recommend the BoatOn Book to a friend

Earn 40 points

Travail du moteur

Share a video of you using the BoatOn Book

Ear 60 points

What do we win?


Bottles of vintage champagne, Bartouilh caviar, luxury spirits, etc.


A unique experience in an exceptional setting: gastronomy, etc.


A timeless moment to choose from among a selection of top-quality products

3 good reasons to become Ambassador

Promote your know-how beyond your local network

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Access to the exclusive BoatOn community on Whatsapp

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Participate in improving knowledge of your profession and win prizes

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