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Managing a yacht should not be a burden

Yacht maintenance made to measure:

✅ No fixed fee

✅ +40 years of expertise on demand

✅ The smartest 24/7 software

BoatOn Consulting: technical management on demand

  • Experts with +40 years of experience in the management & maintenance of superyachts

  • On-demand intervention & time-based billing

  • Key skills: organizational audits, maintenance plan, CMMS, maintenance and refit

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  • The smartest yacht maintenance software

  • Accessible 24/24 & 7/7 on smartphone or computer

  • Adaptable and scalable to the needs of each yacht or crew

How does it work?

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On-site audit

Our experts come to your yacht according to the mission you give us:

  • Organizational audit to optimize yacht maintenance

  • Technical advice on engines, generators, refit, etc.

  • Inspection and expertise before purchase

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Report and implementation of a maintenance plan

Our expert submits his report and creates the maintenance plan in the BoatOn Book software. He sends his recommendations and provides your access codes to the software.

Automatic follow-up and intervention on demand

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Daily yacht maintenance tracking is accessible and automated in the Boaton Book. You will receive alerts as soon as a maintenance or any task is due.
At any time, you can contact our expert for a question or a mission. Thus, the maintenance of your yacht is under control and you are accompanied only when you need it.

40 years of experience for you to satisfy your desires

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Our customers are our best ambassadors

Philippe Vignaux, Technical Director of Wistream, a yacht management company shares his experience

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