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Save time with the best maintenance software simplifying your yacht manager missions!

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40% time saved vs paper management

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Less than 3 min to learn


Smart alerts for better repair

The easiest boat's maintenance software
on the market

To facilitate your tasks as yacht manager, the BoatOn Book optimizes the maintenance of your yachts ! 

The complete maintenance history of your fleet

Dates, parts changed, price paid, etc., there is a long list of datas to keep an eye on to maintain a boat on sea. Record and plan all the maintenance operations you have carried out. With each validated maintenance, the BoatOn Book updates your stock of spare parts.

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Simplified management of your stock and purchases

Find all your on-board equipments and parts in one place, manage their stock and view the history of all the replacements made. Receive alerts in case of out of stock or exceeded replacement date.


Your documents at your fingertips, wherever you are

Keep safe all your user manuals, invoices, certificates, permits, ... Save photos, videos, pdf from the camera of your smartphone or your computer and share them at any time.

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Create your account in a minute and get 1 month of free trial. Subscribe without commitment. 100% satisfied.

Test the BoatOn Book for free

"The BoatOn Book is the first intelligent maintenance software perfectly tailored to professionals in the yachting industry. It has been developed in close collaboration with experts in the maritime sector, whether seasoned professionals or companies specialized in boat maintenance. With simple and effective use, it provides an unparalleled solution for managing your fleet's maintenance. As a preferred alternative to traditional PMS or GMAO software, the BoatOn Book meets the specific needs of yacht management companies."

What is a CMMS or PMS ?

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), or Planned Maintenance System (PMS), when applied to the yacht sector, serves as an essential task scheduling system for yacht managers. This system is nearly indispensable for designing, implementing, and documenting vessel maintenance at regular intervals, in accordance with the boat's classification standards and manufacturer recommendations.

Its primary objective in this context is to ensure the safety and reliability of each vessel, including all its onboard equipment. Additionally, it aims to ensure compliance with current maritime regulations, thereby helping to maintain a safe and preserved marine environment. The CMMS thus becomes a valuable tool for yacht managers, aiding in vessel classification and ensuring compliance with required standards.

What are the advantages as a yacht manager ?

We already wrote an article on the numerous advantages of a CMMS as the BoatOn Book for yacht management professionals, here are some key points :

  • Maintenance management of various types (preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, etc.) with the generation of corresponding management documents. Yachts are complex vessels requiring regular and diligent maintenance to comply with strict regulatory standards.

  • Spare parts inventory management: tracking the number of parts in stock, their location, replacement alerts, etc. Mechanics appreciate knowing what they have in reserve to better manage replenishments and avoid unnecessary duplicates.

  • Budget management: expenses related to nautical mechanics' interventions and other service providers, purchases, restocking, revenue from operations, etc. A yacht manager needs to handle their budget and save on expenses that are not necessary for the smooth operation of their client's yacht.

  • Personnel management: Yacht managers are responsible for finding the crew for the yacht(s) they manage. Therefore, they must recruit the right people to work on the yachts under their management. CMMS helps with human resource management, known as crew management in this context.

How to choose the right CMMS software as a yacht manager ?

It is essential to start by clearly establishing your specific needs. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need detailed tracking of yacht interventions?

  • Are you looking for an overview of intervention costs to consider possible budget savings?

  • Do you desire efficient mission management for external service providers or the ship's crew?

  • Do you need better inventory management with a comprehensive tracking history?

Once your needs are identified, you should analyze your organization and define key criteria:

  • How is your vessel currently managed, and with what tool(s)?

  • How are intervention requests collected and assigned?

  • Who is responsible for assigning orders to service providers or the crew?

  • What information is reported by crew members or service providers after an intervention?

  • What key performance indicators are essential for your business?

The BoatOn Book stands out as one of the best solutions on the market, offering a compelling alternative to other management software such as Smart Sailors or DocSea, with subscriptions tailored to your sector's missions. Therefore, based on your needs, you can find the offer that best suits your yacht management activity through BoatOn Book, paying only for what is necessary for your operations.

The BoatOn Book : an "all in one" tool easy to use

Our software has been specially designed to be intuitive and fully operational on its own, in just 3 minutes. No costly and complicated training is required. You can quickly get a comprehensive overview of your vessel's life, easily manage your inventory of onboard equipment and parts, monitor completed tasks, and plan upcoming ones. Additionally, you can track your expenses and revenue at a glance, store all your important documents, and obtain detailed statistical reports on the status of your yacht or fleet. With BoatOn Book, managing your maritime operations becomes simple and efficient, without complications or tedious training.

You want to discover the BoatOn Book ?
Watch our user's testimony !

Listen to Philippe Vignaux's testimony, technical manager of Wistream, who explains how the BoatOn Book helps him everyday in his missions ! 

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