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The best boat maintenance softwares
(CMMS, PMS, ISM, etc.)

How do I find the best maintenance software for my business?

For a ship captain, a yacht management or boat rental company, finding the right maintenance tool is a task that can quickly become difficult.

First obstacle, there are many tools on the market offering the same functionalities at first sight. Many websites are not very explicit and require you request an appointment via a contact form with an anonymous sales representative. The prices are also not presented in a transparent way and we can quickly lose time in a demo to realize that the proposed solution is not suitable. Finally, most of the software uses many terms that can sound confusing: CMMS, Smart Software, PMS, ISM, CMMS, IMO, MARPOL,...


In this context, it is tempting to make a decision quickly or to choose the same software as your pontoon neighbor. And yet, the software will remain for several years and it is recommended to get an overview of the different tools offered on the market to make the best decision. Our boat maintenance apps and softwares comparison hub will give you the tools to choose between the Boaton Book, the latest software awarded at the Cannes Yachting Festival, and other computer systems.

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What questions should I ask to choose the right maintenance software for my boat(s)?


Is the software easy to learn?

When you start to feel the need to go to more advanced systems than the good old paper notebook or Excel spreadsheets, most CMMS (computer-aided maintenance management) systems can seem complicated.  ​


The ideal system should help you do more, in less time. The most important thing is to find one that is both powerful and intuitive. Tools that are overflowing with alarms and notifications can be appealing at first glance. However, they become much less interesting if your team has to spend months learning how to handle them. A boat maintenance software must be able to be taken in hand in a few minutes without special training. This is a particularly important criterion in a context of high turnover of crews and in particular of chief engineers.


Can the software support the growth of my business?

Good maintenance software should be able to scale with the growth of your business. It is for this reason that it is necessary to favor boat management and maintenance software which offers prices which evolve according to the new needs of your activity. When starting a business, the financial resources are devoted to operating expenses (purchase of equipment, personnel expenses, etc.) and it is important to limit fixed costs. For example the BoatOn Book offers6 tariff formulasfrom 4.99 to 120 € depending on the desired features.


Does the maintenance assistance software or CMMS allow me to optimize the maintenance costs of my boats? 

It's no secret that whether you manage or rent out one or more boats, the less a ship is idle, the more profitable it is and its passengers happy. Repairs and breakdowns can be extremely costly and preventing them through regular maintenance is essential to save money on the one hand and maximize turnover on the other.

With maintenance software, you can anticipate all yourkey interviews, view your spare parts stocks, get yourparts at the best price, assign missions or tasks to your teams or service providers and thus control your costs. The software you choose should also allow you to optimize maintenance intervals on certain equipment and therefore save working hours and the cost of spare parts.


Does the software send alerts when I need to perform maintenance?

If you use comprehensive maintenance software, you will be alerted when maintenance is approaching or when your stock of spare parts is low. The software gives you support to lean on to save time on other tasks. It is a practical feature that allows you to replace parts in time and therefore anticipate additional costs. No more thinking aboutinterviewswaiting for you, the tool takes care of it for you.


Does the software add value to my boats? 

It is always reassuring for a future buyer to have access to up-to-date maintenance software with all up-to-date invoices and regulatory documents. For buying or selling a second-hand boat, it  is therefore important to have a record of all operations performed.

If your vessel is equipped with good maintenance software, you are guaranteed to resell it at a better price. The history provided by the software is a sign of confidence for buyers. This therefore adds value to your sale offer. 

What is the best computer-aided maintenance management software for yacht management?

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In the context of yacht management or superyacht management, such software is essential. Computer-assisted maintenance management software (CMMS) will make  possible to centralize all information related to boats, on a single application. You will therefore no longer need complex Excel files to manage your Motor Yacht (M/Y) or Sailing Yacht (S/Y). These computer tools  also called Smart softwares save the complete history of vessels and send you automatic alerts, whether to manage the stock of spare parts or upcoming tasks. Most also allow you to generate purchase orders or give more or less limited access to your team or service providers.

This data is accessible in a maximum of 3 clicks in the best systems. It is important to ensure that you choose a software that is easy to use and which benefits from efficient digital support (tutorial videos, live chat, etc.).

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Boaton Book vs idea data solution
Boaton Book vs. Idea Data Solution

Idea Data Solution is a German software developed in 1999.

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Boaton Book vs Deep Blue
Boaton Book vs. Deep Blue

Deep Blue Soft is a French management software launched in 2013.

What is the best maintenance software for boat rental professionals?

For a boat rental professional, the use of a maintenance assistance application is essential. This type of application also called planned maintenance system (PMS) will allow you to centralize in one place all the information relating to all your boats (sailboats, semi-rigid, outboard, jet-skis, etc.). With this type of application, there is no longer any need for complex paper files or excel files. You can manage in 1 click the budget, maintenance tasks and many more features. A single goal: optimize the rotation and rental of the fleet of boats and increase your turnover!

illustration logiciel loueurs de bateaux.jpg

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 Boaton Book vs Nauticoncept
Boaton Book vs. Nauticoncept

Nauticoncept is a digital boat fleet management solution launched by several partners with various profiles.

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Boaton Book vs. Smart Sailors

Smart Sailors is a french company that developped their CMMS software since 2016.

What is the best maintenance software for maritime shipping ?

Maritime transport companies (freight or passenger) have strong operational needs in terms of CMMS. These companies have to keep their fleets in the water almost 365 days a year, so maintenance is no exception to avoid technical stoppages. Scheduling technical maintenance, managing crews, their schedules and certificates, keeping track of your boats with your logbook... these are just some of the possibilities offered by management software. But which one to choose ? We'll help you find out.


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BoatOnBook vs SS.png
Boaton Book vs Smart Sailors

Smart Sailors is a French CMMS software that lacks some essential management modules.

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Boaton Book vs DocSea

DocSea is a subsidiary of ITM, a company specializing in the development of CMMS tools, but only on computers.

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BOB VS Amos.png
Boaton Book vs Amos

Amos is a software that fits for a large variety of fleet but it's very complex to begin with quickly.

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Boaton Book vs Sémaphore

Semaphore is a software package developed by a French company that is not very user-friendly.

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BOB VS Marad.png
Boaton Book vs Marad

Marad is a DNV-certified software package developed by Marasoft, but does not include a logbook.

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BOB VS BASSnet.png
Boaton Book vs BASSnet

BASSnet is a management software for offshore and shipping vessels, available on mobile but spread across multiple different applications.

What is the best maintenance software for maritime services companies ?


There are a wide variety of marine service companies, such as stevedoring companies, oil transport companies, marine works companies... These companies generally have complex fleets that operate year-round. Maintenance is therefore no exception when it comes to preventing technical stoppages. These companies have a wide range of needs, and often have to manage large numbers of personnel. From maintenance to budgeting, several software solutions are positioned in this market. Here are our comparisons to help you find the software you need.

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BOB VS Mastex (1).png
Boaton Book vs MX Suite

MX Suite meets a wide range of use cases for different maritime players, but its absence on cell phones remains a weakness.

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BOB VS Task Assistant (1).png
Boaton Book vs Sertica

Sertica is a solution included in the RINA portfolio. The software can be complex and requires intensive training for optimal integration.

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BOB VS Task Assistant.png
Boaton Book vs Task Assistant

Task Assistant, developed by Ulysses Systems, is a fairly comprehensive CMMS but lacks customization options and offers a somewhat limited user experience.

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BOB VS Maximo.png
Boaton Book vs Maximo

Maximo is an asset management solution developed by IBM that is not specialized for the maritime sector.

In a few words, the BoatOn Book is: 

Group 52.png
40% time saved
3 mins installation
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Eco-responsible decisions
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In summary, the BoatOn Book is a comprehensive boat maintenance software that adapts to the needs of your business. It is a software that optimizes the management of your fleet, both in terms of maintenance, as well as on the administrative and financial side.

Get ahead of the game

Try the Boaton Book, the latest maintenance software suitable for all types of boats

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