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Stay one step ahead for the season

The n°1 maintenance software to manage your boat from A to Z and be fully operationnal for your passenger's transport missions !

Bateau à passager sur l'eau

Le logiciel de GMAO que vous allez aimer

Directeur technique de bateaux

"Choosing the BoatOn Book as our maintenance log was a revolution. We all find it easy to use, even when crews change from one season to the next. We coordinate better, and our boats are ready for every voyage !"

David, passenger transport boats in the Mediterranean 

"This is really a great tool. Getting started with the QR code was very easy. Even the older ones managed it without my help !"

Alex, passenger transport boats on lakes

Chef mécanicien de bateaux
Fusée qui décolle

40% time saved vs paper management


Less than 3 minutes to learn

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Support for electrification and environmental transition

The BoatOn Book stands out as a pioneer among intelligent maintenance software, specially designed to meet the specific needs of maritime transport companies. The result of a close collaboration with industry experts, whether seasoned professionals or companies specialized in the maintenance of passenger transport vessels, this software solution offers a straightforward and operational approach. As a leading alternative to traditional PMS or CMMS software, the BoatOn Book distinguishes itself by intuitively addressing the requirements of maritime and river passenger transport companies.

The BoatOn Book : an "all in one tool" easy to use 

Our software has been designed to be user-friendly and operational in record time : only 3 minutes are needed to set it up. No complex or costly training is required. You can quickly access a comprehensive overview of your vessels' technical activity, easily manage your inventory of equipment and parts onboard, track completed tasks, and schedule upcoming ones. Additionally, you can monitor your expenses and revenues at a glance, store all your essential documents, and obtain detailed statistical reports on the status of your maritime transport fleet.

Our team is dedicated to support passenger transport companies in their transition to our digital boat maintenance log. We recognize the specific challenges your industry faces, and we are committed to simplifying this process.

By adopting a personalized approach, we work closely with your company to ensure a smooth integration of our software into your freight operations. From the initial configuration of your fleet to the training of your teams, we are present at every step to ensure that your company fully utilizes the features of our maintenance log. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that improves operational efficiency while being simple to use and implement for all members of your team. This way, you can focus on your expertise: providing quality transport services to your clients !

Capture d'écran du BoatOn Book

Engaged for your safety, by using BoatOn Book you can lower your insurance policy through BoatOn Assur. We work with professionals in the boating insurance sector, such as Generali or Helvetia, and we find the insurance that matches your operational needs at the best price.

We also offer the creation of maintenance plans with BoatOn Consulting. Experts audit your fleet, establish a report, and we assist you in implementing BoatOn Book as your new CMMS solution. We advise you on best practices to make good use of our intelligent maintenance log !

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Listen to Philippe Vignaux's testimony, technical manager of Wistream, who explains how the BoatOn Book helps him everyday in his missions ! 

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