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The maintenance log

from my boat

Taking care of your boat:

use of the personalized maintenance log

When you are looking for a simple and practical solution to maintain and keep an eye on your boat, you are often at a loss... especially new boaters! Here is a presentation of a free tool to control your boat. We hope it will relieve you of many doubts!

Une paperasse insurmontable ?

Insurmountable paperwork?

Upon purchase of his boat, a yachtsman receives on average 11 user manuals of several hundred pages to read and understand. Between the engine, the freshwater circuit, the electronic devices, the electrical system, the safety measures or the general instructions for use of the boat, mastering all these notions implies a considerable commitment. All this time spent peeling and learning the various instructions is as much time as you do not spend on the waves.

Notre astuce gratuite

Our free tip

The free BoatOn Pro application sweeps away these constraints. Once your boat is registered, all you have to do is enter the date of the last revision of an item of equipment and you will be notified automatically as soon as an inspection is necessary.  ! You receive a first alert 1 month before the next check, then a reminder 1 week before. No more risk of missing an overhaul of your engine or losing information about your boat!

Équipements couverts

What equipment is covered?

The engine, the hull, the electrical and electronic components, the freshwater circuit or the rigging for sailboats have no more secrets with BoatOn Pro! The application indeed covers a wide range of on-board equipment. If you notice that some devices or systems are missing, please let us know .  !

You will find below all the controls and equipment of your maintenance book, all you have to do is download the application  !

Available on the App Store or Google Play.


  • Coolant replacement

  • Cleaning the fuel filter

  • Cleaning the water filter and strainer

  • Engine oil change

  • Oil filter replacement

  • Inverter oil level

  • Inverter drain

  • Fuel filter replacement

  • Cleaning and draining the fuel separator filter

  • Fuel tank cleaning

  • Cleaning the thermostat

  • Belt tension adjustment

  • Replacement of belts

  • Control of electrical wiring

  • Replacement of anti-corrosion anodes

  • Replacement of the water pump impeller

  • Tightening the engine mounting bolts

  • Verification of Silentblocks

  • Valve clearance adjustment


  • Protection of electrical contacts (aerosol)

  • Engine battery replacement

  • Service battery replacement


  • Verification of aerial attachment (VHF antenna, wind vane, radar, etc.)

  • Removal and protection of contacts (sockets)

  • Cleaning the propeller of the log-speedo

Circuit d'eau douce

Fresh water circuit

  • Drain valve greasing

  • Tightening of all clamps

  • Cleaning the pump filters

  • Antibacterial treatment in the tanks

  • Purification and lubrication of toilet pumps


  • Verification of stanchions, balconies and lifelines

  • Fairing

  • Anti-fouling

  • Replacement of anodes

  • Change of valves and through-hulls

  • Refurbishment of varnishes

  • Teak maintenance

  • Polish on topsides

Fittings and rigging (for sailboats)

Accastillage et gréement
  • Disassembly and lubrication of winches

  • Checking turnbuckle pins

  • Visual verification of guying

  • Running rigging check

  • Verification of the sails

Des notifications automatiques

When and how am I notified of repairs or checks to be carried out?

You will receive a first alert from the application one month before the date of the next check, then a reminder one week before. You can then check the equipment to be repaired in "  my maintenance log  » and access the already pre-filled form by clicking on «  Request a free quote  ". Once your request has been validated, we contact the best professionals located around your boat to respond to your request and send you quotes.

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities and we work primarily with the 5 best rated professionals in your region. In short, BoatOn Pro promotes local know-how while improving the quality of services provided to boaters.  !

Intervalles de contrôle

Can I change the control intervals?

Absolutely. The inspection intervals are taken from professional maintenance standards, but this or that equipment on your boat may have a different lifespan. You can change each next check date by clicking on it and entering a new due date. The system will take this change into account and you will always be notified 1 month then 1 week before an intervention to be carried out.

The same features of the site and many more (insurance quote, maintenance quote or storage of your boat) are available on the BoatOn Pro application. Download it for free on your smartphone.

Available on the App Store or Google Play.

Téléchargez l'application BoatOn Pro sur Google Play, pour smartphone Android
Téléchargez l'application BoatOn Pro sur l'App Store, pour iPhone

Do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to write to us, one of our captains will answer you as soon as possible!

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