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Hivernage bateau voilier yacht garage parking garage gardiennage parking bateau place de port

Find parking for my boat
in less than 5 minutes

Are you perhaps one of those owners who waited to have a place in port before buying their boat ? In France, 75% of boaters say they hesitated to take action because of the lack of space in ports according to the Tourism Observatory... By connecting boaters and owners of land on the coast, BoatOn Pro offers an innovative solution for parking your boat !

Le mal du siècle

Boat parking: rare places

The problem has been going on since the 1970s and the finding is the same from year to year  : France is cruelly under-equipped in terms of port infrastructure. Waiting times for a place afloat can go up to 34 years in some ports  ! Lack of coordination between ports, saturation of the coastline, the reasons for such congestion are multiple but penalize all lovers of navigation.

Gardiennage bateau prix hivernage bateau garage bateau parking
Notre solution
Mer stationnement port garer hiverner abri nautique nautisme

Our Solution

The free BoatOn Pro application allows you to find a boat parking space or a boat garage anywhere in France at very competitive rates . Are you a boater looking for a place to park your boat on its trailer? Find your place on BoatOn Pro in a few minutes!

Finding boat parking: how does it work?

Download the "BoatOn Pro" application in the App Store if you have an iPhone (this service will soon be available on the Android version) or click here.

​ On the home page of the application, click on "  Find a place ”. Fill in your search area, view the ads and book the one you like  !

For each ad, you can consult the profile of the host, find out if the pitch has a water point, electricity or is accessible 24 hours a day, for example. Once your reservation has been made, our secure messaging tool allows you to easily exchange messages with your host in order to find out the instructions for arriving at the premises and to keep in touch during your stay.

Hivernage bateau parking place de port
Comment ça marche ?
hivernage bateau louer parking bateau place de stationnement

A collaborative system

The BoatOn Pro parking solution is based on the provision by local owners of land, garages or unused parking lots to allow each yachtsman to park his boat. We make every effort to create a secure exchange infrastructure and encourage lessors to show up as much as their parking lot . The same passion for the coast and the sea unites all our users and mutual aid is a founding element of the BoatOn spirit.


A 100% secure space

From the first connection to the reservation of a car park, all your payments, messages or data exchanges are secure and encrypted. That's why we encourage you to always keep all your communications and transactions on the BoatOn Pro app. By carrying out all the steps (communication, reservation and payment) on BoatOn, you benefit from BoatOn protection at all levels.

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Hivernage bateau Annexe bateau annexe voilier

Assistance at your service

A problem accessing parking  ? A landlord who does not respond  ? We are here to assist you and help you find a solution. Contact our support team wherever you are.

When do I have to pay? And how ?

Your reservation is confirmed when you pay the total amount of your request online.

Whether you've booked your spot for two days from now or two months from now, we'll hold payment for up to 24 hours after you arrive at the venue before transferring it to your host. This way, both parties have time to make sure that everything meets their expectations.

réserver un garage bateau garage voilier

The same features of the site and many more (insurance quote, maintenance quote or storage of your boat) are available on the BoatOn Pro application. Download it for free on your smartphone.

Available on the App Store or Google Play.

Téléchargez l'application BoatOn Pro sur Google Play, pour smartphone Android
Téléchargez l'application BoatOn Pro sur l'App Store, pour iPhone

Do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to write to us, one of our captains will answer you as soon as possible!

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