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  • Do I have to dowload the BoatOn Book on my computer ?💻
    No, the BoatOn Book does not require any downloads ! It is directly accessible from the website, where you can access your maintenance log from the BoatOn Book tab if you have a BoatOn account !
  • Do you need training to learn how to use the BoatOn Book ?📝
    The BoatOn Book does not require prior paid training, but we are here to support you if needed ! First, tutorials are available on our YouTube channel, so feel free to check them out ! ▶️ A chatbot is also available 24/7 in the bottom right corner of our website. You can ask your questions directly, and we will provide solutions as quickly as possible ! 💬 If you would like to get familiar with the software with the help of our team, feel free to schedule an appointment with us. We will be happy to answer your questions ! ❓
  • I want to enter information into my BoatOn Book, but I don't have internet. What should I do? 😶
    No worries ! Our Android mobile app has an offline mode that allows you to enter the information you need even without an internet connection. Your data will update as soon as you have internet access again. Even when you're offshore, you can keep an eye on your boats ! 📡
  • The "captain" users I created cannot see the documents I added in the "Documents" page. What should I do ? 🧑🏽‍✈️
    Good question! 😊 A captain only has access to documents that they add themselves or that sailors from the same boat add. Therefore, a captain does not have access to documents added by supervisors or administrators (for confidentiality reasons). You should add these documents to a task or an inventory item (such as a part or equipment) instead.
  • I would like to integrate the history of my boat into the BoatOn Book, how can I do that ? 😓
    If you have been tracking your boat or boats using other software like Excel files, for example, you can send them to us and we will integrate them into your BoatOn Book. This way, you'll have all the maintenance history and life of your boat readily available. We can even start planning your future maintenance tasks right away! Pretty clever, right? 😉
  • What is the BoatOn Book ?🤔
    The BoatOn Book is the maintenance logbook for tracking your fleet of boats developed by BoatOn. It is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software that allows you to efficiently manage and track the maintenance of your fleet. The BoatOn Book offers numerous features, including the ability to store all important documents associated with boats, manage your budget, handle equipment and spare parts inventory, and most importantly, create and automate maintenance tasks. ⚓️
  • I'd like to test BoatOn Book for free, is that possible ? 🖱️
    Yes, it's possible ! You get a 30-day free trial when you create your account. Click here to start your free trial. We also offer demonstrations by appointment, so feel free to book your slot to discover all the benefits of the BoatOn Book! 📅
  • Is the BoatOn Book available in English ? 🇬🇧
    The software is available in French and English ! When you enter tasks or equipment previously recorded in our databases, simply click on the language icon at the top right of your screen to display your BoatOn Book in English. Keeping an eye on your fleet has never been so easy! 😎
  • Is there a mobile app ? 📲
    Our mobile application is available on Android through download platforms like the Google Play Store in its native version. The application is also accessible on iOS devices via the App Store, which directs users to the web version of the BoatOn Book. 📱
  • How much costs the BoatOn Book ?💸
    We offer 6 different subscriptions that adapt to your needs! Prices vary based on the number of available features, of course, but they decrease as you add more boats to your BoatOn Book. Additionally, you can benefit from a 10% discount by choosing an annual subscription. So, don't hesitate and check out our offers !
  • How was started BoatOn ? 🛳️
    BoatOn was founded in 2018 in the Bordeaux region through the initiative of Bertrand Gerbaud. He realized that there was no simple, practical, and intuitive software available in the boating market for managing maintenance tracking. As a passionate enthusiast of the nautical world and having faced these challenges firsthand, he developed the BoatOn Book to offer a maintenance logbook that meets the needs of all stakeholders in the maritime and river industries. 🌊 Today, a team of about ten people works together to fulfill your needs, ensuring smooth sailing for all ! ⛵️
  • BoatOn and StockOn, is that the same company ?🤔
    StockOn is a platform created by BoatOn that offers storage spaces for both professionals and individuals. We provide flexible storage contracts without commitments, and all storage spaces are verified by us. Whether you're looking for a space for your camper van or boat, you've come to the right place ! Feel free to find all the relevant information on our website and contact our storage team ! 📦
  • What services does BoatOn offer ? 📋
    BoatOn offers various services: BoatOn Book : The smart and eco-friendly maintenance logbook that saves you time on maintenance and lets you fully enjoy your boat! 🚤 BoatOn Assur : We also act as an insurance broker for all types of boats and navigation. We help you find the best insurance that fits your actual needs to help you save money! 💸 BoatOn Consulting : We engage industry experts to analyze and assist you in implementing a maintenance plan for your fleet. After conducting the assessment, we support you in creating and tracking your maintenance plan! 🔧
  • What are the payment methods to pay for my subscription ? 💶
    When you create your account, you will be asked to enter a credit card. Don’t worry, you get one month free, so you won’t be charged once your account is created. You can later change the payment method in the Profile tab, then My Payment Information, and finally Manage My Payment Method. You will be directed to Stripe, where you can choose to change your credit card or set up a monthly bank transfer 💳
  • Where can I found my invoices ?
    You can always find all transactions and invoices by logging in with the primary administrator account, which is the one that made the initial payment. Next, click on "Profile", then "My Payment Information" and then "View Payments".
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