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How do yacht managers and crews benefit from the BoatOn Book ?

Dernière mise à jour : 8 déc. 2023

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software allows boaters and professionals to have comprehensive, autonomous, and simplified management of their vessels. It enables the storage of important documents, the management of both corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as the handling of inventory and budget. Owning a CMMS software saves a significant amount of time and energy, especially for yacht management companies.

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What is a yacht management company ?

When a yacht owner wishes to delegate the management of tasks related to their vessel, they turn to companies known as yacht management firms. These companies take charge of the boat and handle its management, both administratively and financially, allowing the owner to enjoy it without the burden of these responsibilities. A yacht management company undertakes various crucial tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the yacht :

  • Insurance : Yacht insurance can be relatively expensive, depending on various factors such as size, price, navigation area, and coverage. The yacht manager seeks to find the best possible insurance, either by dealing directly with insurance providers or through brokers who seek the most suitable coverage for the vessel.

  • Maintenance and upkeep : Each vessel is subject to standards and regulations ensuring its compliance, such as during periodic technical inspections. These thorough examinations can restrict the yacht's navigation if rules, as defined by the French International Register (RIF), are not adhered to. Therefore, the yacht manager must pay close attention to regular scheduled maintenance to ensure that the yacht remains compliant.

  • Financial and administrative management : Documents such as licenses, certifications, maintenance records, or contracts attest to the quality and diligence applied to the yacht. The yacht manager must ensure the retention of every important document related to the boat and organize their storage efficiently.

  • Crew management : The yacht manager is also responsible for recruiting the crew that will work during the yacht's navigation. It is crucial to anticipate the high season to find competent individuals and avoid being overwhelmed during a yacht's departure.

A yacht manager can quickly become overwhelmed if they fail to organize their time efficiently to execute these diverse and potentially complex tasks, that are necessary to maintain the yacht in impeccable condition. Hence, the use of CMMS software, which optimizes and effectively supports a yacht manager in their duties.

The CMMS : an appropriated tool to yacht managers' missions

The BoatOn Book is the most user-friendly CMMS software while also being one of the most complete on the market. It addresses the numerous requirements faced by yacht managers on a daily basis. Its clear interface provides yacht managers with quick and precise

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management of one or multiple vessels using a single account. To dig into more detail, here are the various features that will be useful for yacht managers :

  • My tasks : Yacht managers can create tasks, whether they are in the past or scheduled, to plan for maintenance or repairs. This enables the anticipation of important appointments, whether they are based on preventive maintenance dates or the wear and tear of parts, such as engine hours. Yacht managers can input this information to better anticipate upcoming maintenance and receive alerts through notifications as appointments approach. There is also an activity feed for each task to update its progress or notify users associated with the task of their responsibilities.

  • My documents : this section allows for the digital storage of all documents crucial to the proper functioning of the boat. They are categorized, sorted, and stored in the software, offering easy and quick retrieval during maintenance or inspections. This prevents the loss of paper documents, as scanned files or photos of documents such as invoices can be added. These documents serve as evidence for maritime authorities and owners, attesting to the quality of the yacht's maintenance.

  • My budget : This feature provides a comprehensive and simplified view of the yacht's expenses and income, using easy-to-understand charts to better observe financial movements over a selected period. Yacht managers can enhance this section to always keep an eye on the accounts associated with the yacht and see the budget distribution for the boat. Financial management is linked to tasks, automating the budget when adding them.

  • My users : With BoatOn Book, users with varying degrees of access to the software can be integrated, depending on the status chosen by the administrator. This can include the captain, crew members, or service providers. Each integrated person can use BoatOn Book, be assigned tasks, receive reminder notifications, and thus simplify the management of everyone's responsibilities. Consequently, this allows for better delegation, time savings, and avoids oversights.

  • BoatOn Book : This is the "health record" section of the boat. This section summarizes all actions related to the yacht. It provides a more comprehensive view of the life of the boat and simplifies the search for tasks that the yacht manager may need to retrieve. Established in chronological order, this health record proves very practical for organizing the boat's management effectively.

  • My inventory : Sorting through all the items and parts essential to the yacht can be time-consuming. If the yacht manager doesn't keep track of the stock for the proper use or repair of the vessel, there is a risk of unnecessary spending or overlooking crucial purchases. The inventory section provides direct access to the stock of available parts and supplies. It is easy to quickly add the parts owned or purchased, saving time and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  • Calendar : The BoatOn Book features a calendar where added tasks are directly indicated. The yacht manager can keep an eye on the calendar to stay informed about important appointments related to the life of the vessel.

The BoatOn Book assists yacht managers in their daily organization to prevent errors and oversights that could compromise the optimal functioning of a yacht. They effectively allocate tasks to various stakeholders in yacht management and ensure a high-quality brand image, demonstrating impeccable diligence to owners and clients.

In summary, the benefits of the BoatOn Book for a yacht manager are :

  • Considerable time savings and budgetary savings

  • Improved organization of corrective and preventive maintenance

  • Clear and easy task allocation management

  • High-quality brand image

  • Increased confidence from clients

A better informed and integrated crew due to CMMS

Crew members are integral parts of a yacht's life, closely involved in the sensitive areas that may require active management. Integrating the crew, from the captain to the deckhands, and including the mechanics, into the BoatOn Book, facilitates yacht maintenance by aiding in the communication of each person's tasks, and preventing potential duplications or confusion that may arise. Moreover, not all crew members have the same role, whether it's a deck officer or a chief engineer, underscoring the importance of accurately assigning tasks based on individual skills.

Each user assigned to a task receives a notification detailing the action to be taken, the specific part of the boat involved, the timing, and even the procedure to follow if necessary. Users can provide feedback to the administrator via the activity feed. This keeps the administrator informed about the progress of the task, allowing for better management of other responsibilities or quicker resolution of other issues.

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For yacht captains, the BoatOn Book proves to be highly beneficial in their daily work as they lead their crew of sailors, optimize the technical and operational management of the yacht, and ensure that clients or owners fully enjoy their time at sea. During a sea mission, the captain can keep documents related to the crew, such as contracts or schedules, up to date for consultation as needed. They can assign specific tasks to their crew members and track their progress, aiding in assessing each individual's performance. It's crucial to note that, unlike other software on the market. the BoatOn Book is a user-friendly software that does not require training. This allows for quick adaptation, enhancing accessibility and ease of use for users.

In summary, the benefits of the BoatOn Book for crew members include:

  • Clearer communication between the captain and sailors or stewardesses

  • Improved task assignment among crew members

  • Ease of storing and refinding essential documents

  • Better tracking of each team member

  • Alerts to remind about tasks to be performed

Using the BoatOn Book as a management tool significantly enhances the roles of each stakeholder in a yacht. If you wish to compare the use of the BoatOn Book with other CMMS software, you can find insights and opinions on various software in "The State of Marine CMMS" report.

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