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The 5 advantages of BoatOn Book CMMS software according to its users

The BoatOn Book is the 1st intelligent and eco-responsible maintenance software for boats. It has been developed in collaboration with individuals and professionals from the nautical world, including leading companies in the maintenance of yachts and superyachts. It is positioned as a solid alternative to PMS or CMMS software such as Idea Yachts or DocSea. In this article, you will discover five major advantages of this solution according to users.

Mes entretiens

1) Saving time

Philippe Vignaux

Saving and archiving the work done saved me a lot of time. I could also add invoices, reports and attachments very easily

Philip, yacht manager

Users are unanimous: no more paper management! The many features of the BoatOn Book are all grouped together in a single software. So you no longer waste time looking for your documents and sorting them. In fact, the softwareCMMS(PMS in English) allows you to centralize all your interviews, inventory of parts, documents, budget, etc. It is very quick to browse the site and update the information you want. In the end, you will save more than 40% of your time compared to paper management.
Then, the BoatOn Book allows optimal monitoring of your boat. In particular, you can archive, schedule your maintenance and manage the stocks of associated parts. This allows you to limit and prevent various risks of breakage. From an environmental and budgetary point of view, it makes more sense to maintain than to change for new parts.

2) A simple grip


For an owner who wants to log everything he has done for maintenance and not miss anything, I think this is a great tool with an easy user interface

Thierry, sailboat owner

Due to their complexity, some CMMS software requires extensive training. This is not the case with the BoatOn Book. L'interfaceis modern, refined and incorporates the codes of the current web.
Then, all the software modules are interconnected. For example, your parts inventory is connected to maintenance. Thus, your data is automatically updated according to the actions you perform. 
In addition, the software is accessible anywhere in the world and from any device. Connected to the internet, whether you are at home, at the port or on your boat, you can access the data from your BoatOn Book.

On this subject, Philippe confided to us that when one arrives for the first time on the software, the user is pleasantly surprised because everything is quite easy to access.

Mon inventaire

One of main advantages is of course the cost of the BoatOn Book subscription. I am won over by this solution at a very reasonable price

Jonathan, captain

Tarifs BoatOn Book
tarif pro

3) An unbeatable price

When comparing the price of the BoatOn Book to its competitors, the result is unequivocal. Take for example Deep Blue Soft. The price of its subscription varies between €3,000 and €10,000 per year, while you can take advantage of the BoatOn Book from €4.99 per month. In addition, BoatOn subscriptions are non-binding, you can end the service whenever you want.

Two types of subscriptions are offered, for individuals and professionals. Depending on the formula chosen, you have different functionalities.

4) A tool that enhances your boat


It is very useful to be able to say that I have done the engine overhauls regularly and that I have carried out such and such maintenance operation and will justify the value of the boat

Lawrence, yachtsman

The BoatOn Book offers its users a complete history of all the operations carried out on their boat. Thus, in the event of resale or litigation, the software can act as a guarantee as to the follow-up of the maintenance of the vessel. You can send all the data to the purchaser to ensure continuity of maintenance and get the most out of your boat.
The software's "My BoatOn Book" page is your boat's health book. In chronological order, you will find here all the important events related to your boat, past and future.

In his testimony, Philippe also explains to us that good maintenance offers a guarantee of reliability and heritage. This necessarily requires a real follow-up and BoatOn allows it very easily. 

Historique BoatOn Book

Knowing invoices or important documents, which will be used to justify the value of the boat later, are stored in a single place and that they will not be lost or destroyed in the event of an incident on my computer for example is a great relief

Julian, yachtsman

Mes documents

5) Secure storage of your data

An undeniable advantage of BoatOn Book is the security it provides to its users. Indeed, bad manipulations happen quickly on a computer and it is not uncommon to lose an important file. The BoatOn Book provides a solution to this problem: all your documents are centralized on the software and are accessible anytime and anywhere. Thus, you no longer have the apprehension of losing a paper or a file. If your computer fails you, no worries, you can access your data from your phone or tablet.

Discover the testimonials of Philippe and Thierry

If like them, you want to simplify your life, go to "".

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