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Document management

Certificates, navigation permits, insurance... Organize your documents efficiently and keep them all up to date !

Organize your regulatory documentation

Boats are subject to numerous regulations, requiring them to keep certain documents up to date. Vessels and their owners are regularly inspected by the relevant authorities. Keeping these documents up to date ensures that you are in order in the event of an inspection, and that your vessel is safe. Depending on the type of vessel, its activity or registration, periodic inspections must be carried out. 

Good regulatory management helps you to stay up to date and avoid penalties in the event of inspections, to ensure safe, quality navigation for those on board, and to save time if properly organized. 


Properly documenting and storing certificates, navigation permits, licenses and the like helps to avoid unpleasant surprises. The same applies to invoices and other documents that need to be archived. Documenting the various proofs of maintenance and periodic inspections also helps to preserve your fleet's asset value.

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What are the regulations governing administrative documents on ships ?


What documents do I need to sail? First of all, there's a big distinction between pleasure boaters and professionals. Yachtsmen have very few documents to keep on board. For coastal navigation within 6 miles of a shelter, it is compulsory to have, in addition to the navigation license and the boat's circulation chart, a nautical chart of the navigation zone, the IRPCS (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea) and a description of the maritime buoyage.

Vessels with a professional activity have more compulsory documents to navigate. These include :

  • Insurance certificate

  • Logbook

  • Classification certificate 

  • Radio communication certificate

These documents may be mandatory to operate a boat under different flags. It is essential to comply with the requirements of your activity, and to keep up to date to avoid any risks or potential sanctions.

How can you simplify this management task?

To simplify document management for commercial vessels, it is essential to digitize documents and use specialized electronic document management software, including automation functions for reminders and updates. This is made possible by CMMS software. Clear organization of documents by category, ongoing staff training and well-defined management procedures are also crucial.


Integration of document management systems with other corporate systems, as well as secure access controls and regular backups, contribute to more efficient and secure management. Staff training is not to be overlooked, and it's essential that your teams are up to date with their qualifications and trained on an ongoing basis, to ensure ever more professional navigation.

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Manage your documents with the BoatOn Book

Document management may seem simple, but it requires organization. Good news, we've thought of everything for you! You can add your documents directly from the document module. They are then arranged according to the various existing categories.


You can also add documents from your tasks, such as invoices, protocols or instructions for use. These will also be added to your documents for easy retrieval!

Whether it's an image or a PDF document, it's easy to add from your computer or phone. Don't waste time searching for papers in your office or filing cabinets. Filter your searches to find your certificates and other compulsory licenses at the click of a button. You'll also receive reminders when the end of validity is approaching, or when a visit is due. No more costly memory lapses ! 

If you lose track of one of your imported documents, don't panic - you can download it from your BoatOn Book to your computer or cell phone. Staying organized doesn't have to be a chore, and the BoatOn Book makes it easy for you to sail with peace of mind !

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