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Crew management

Having trouble organizing your crew ? Discover our crew management solution included in the BoatOn Book !

Planning and managing crews

Managing a crew is not always easy. Depending on the company, business may be seasonal, requiring periodic recruitment to adjust to increased activity. Organizing crews can be a headache, especially in light of current regulations. 


That's why crew management systems exist to simplify your workforce planning and manage your weeks efficiently. They enable you to :


  • Plan crews and their schedules

  • Manage crew documents and certifications

  • Improve communication

  • Ensure regulatory compliance 


Functionalities vary from one CMMS software to another. Some are designed for crew management only.

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What regulations apply to working hours?


Maritime regulations include provisions concerning ship crews. A major convention on this subject is the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) adopted in 2006 by the ILO, which defines minimum decent work standards for professionals in the maritime sector. This convention covers most legal aspects of seafarers' working lives, including working and living conditions on board, as well as social protection.


The MLC includes the main regulations on working hours and rest periods for crews. These rules aim to protect the health and safety of seafarers by reducing fatigue and guaranteeing adequate rest periods, while ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations on board.



In addition, seafarers are required to keep a record of their working hours and rest periods in accordance with the requirements of the convention, in order to ensure compliance.

How can you simplify this management task?

Crew management functionalities in computer-aided maintenance systems (CMMS) offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing ship crews. This enables optimized planning of human resources, judicious allocation of personnel according to their skills, rigorous management of certifications and documents, and a reduction in labor costs.


In addition, these tools improve crew communication, enable precise management of working hours and leave, and facilitate performance analysis to identify areas for improvement. It also ensures better regulatory compliance. The use of appropriate crew management tools thus offers greater operational efficiency and improved crew satisfaction.

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Manage working hours and vacations with the BoatOn Book

We designed our crew management feature to comply with the rules of the Maritime Labour Convention. So, by default, work and rest times are programmed to comply with this convention. It's up to you and your sailors, mechanics and other crew members to organize their working hours in line with your company's schedules. 



Your crews can clock in and out directly from their phones. If they forget, they can reschedule their working day later !

They can also request time off directly from the BoatOn Book. As a manager, you can process all your teams' absence requests and organize your schedules more easily. You can also :


  • Add different types of absence (work stoppage, special leave, etc.)

  • Define the number of paid vacations for each crew member  

  • Forecast a typical week for all your staff in advance

  • Generate and print MLC-compliant time sheets


No need to organize your teams and keep track of everything on paper. Enter all your working hours and vacations directly from your smartphone or computer! Don't worry about scheduling, and concentrate on your core business.

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