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Organize your calendar

Synchronize your calendar, plan your tasks, your teams and stay organized all year long !

Dematerialize your calendar 

A dematerialized calendar offers several significant advantages for managing a fleet of boats. Firstly, it enables instant, synchronized updating of schedules, making it easier to coordinate crews and departures. 


In addition, it provides real-time visibility of vessel and resource availability, optimizing operations planning and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts.


Finally, it simplifies the follow-up of preventive maintenance and technical appointments thanks to automated reminders, ensuring efficient maintenance and better resource management.


Is it mandatory to use a calendar ?

There are no regulations requiring the specific use of a dematerialized calendar, but it's an advantageous tool for getting properly organized. The larger the company, the more essential it is to use solutions, often digital, to simplify management. 


Although regulations vary from country to country, general principles often include requirements for documentation of operations, voyage planning and vessel maintenance. Dematerialized calendars can help to comply with these regulations by providing accurate traceability and documentation of planned activities and events, thus ensuring the compliance and safety of marine operations.


Whether you're involved in chartering, passenger transport or sea freight, streamlining your organization allows you to be operational at all times, and to grow your business.

How can you simplify this management task?

CMMS can be used for maintenance planning, in particular to schedule all preventive maintenance and corrective interventions. A calendar provides better visibility of what the company's resources are capable of doing. It's easier to manage schedules and allocate employees to different tasks.


What's more, if you have a fleet of boats, it's easier to visualize vessel availability and organize yourself optimally, to maximize your fill rate or activity.

What's more, you'll be able to keep track of them, with a detailed history on your calendar. You improve traceability of your boats and the interventions carried out. This enables you to analyze performance and continuously improve your processes.

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Manage your calendar on the BoatOn Book

The BoatOn Book calendar is directly linked to the other modules of the software. This simplifies synchronization and makes it easier to get an overview. In just a few clicks, you can find all the events for your boats sorted by day, month, year...

Essential information is displayed, such as maintenance tasks, created equipment, your crew's working days, and also vacations... All the modules are concentrated in one single place !

From the BoatOn Book calendar, it is possible to :

  • Create and duplicate tasks or other events

  • Log your working hours and add your vacations

  • View all events related to your boat

  • Export tasks for your fleet

  • Add financial transactions

It is very easy to get an overview and filter the events you want to see in detail. Gain organizational efficiency and never miss an important appointment for your boats with our personalized reminders !

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