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Dashboard of the fleet

Navigate quickly from one boat to the next in your fleet and monitor essential information at a glance !

Track your boat fleet

Having complete visibility of your vessel fleet in a CMMS software package is important for the efficient and secure management of marine operations. This visibility enables managers to monitor key information, performance and status of each vessel in real time, making it easier to plan preventive and corrective maintenance operations.


With a fleet-wide view, you can easily see where your vessels are, which ones need maintenance... This enables you to prioritize tasks while ensuring efficient and safe vessel operation. 

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Regulations for monitoring the maintenance of boat fleets


CMMS software can help shipping companies comply with various obligations by providing a centralized mean of managing vessel fleet information. The software can also generate reports that can be used to demonstrate regulatory compliance. This is useful in the case of various maritime regulations such as :

  • SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), which establishes safety standards for ships and the proper functioning of all systems that ensure safety on board.

  • ISM (International Safety Management), which enables the implementation of risk management systems to safeguard ship safety and prevent marine pollution.

  • The MARPOL Convention, which also prevents marine pollution and the discharge of polluting substances.

  • National regulations, which vary from country to country.

It is not always specified to use CMMS software, however, regulations often encourage or require effective maintenance management practices to ensure ship safety, environmental protection and crew safety. CMMS software has therefore become an essential tool for shipping companies seeking to comply with these regulations and improve the management of their operations.

How can you simplify this management task?

Although maritime regulations do not explicitly prescribe the use of CMMS software, many companies in the maritime sector are adopting them to facilitate efficient management of on-board maintenance.


This software enables maintenance activities to be planned, tracked and documented in an organized way, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and improve ship safety and reliability.


The integration of a CMMS coordinates all maintenance actions, preventing problems at sea resulting from insufficient or excessive maintenance. By optimizing the allocation of maintenance and repair tasks, it also enables efficient management of teams and their respective responsibilities.

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How is my fleet displayed in the BoatOn Book?

The fleet module is the first visible module in the BoatOn Book. It lets you navigate from one boat to the next, displaying essential information about them. Whether you own just 1 boat or manage a dozen, it's quick and easy to find your way around, and to quickly access each boat's status.


You'll find important information such as : 


  • home port of each boat

  • number of overdue tasks

  • number of upcoming tasks

  • your expenses and income


Go to details to find and modify your boat information. It's easy to add a new boat or remove an old one from your fleet. You'll also find all your statistics in the fleet module !

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