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Budget and accounting

Use the BoatOn Book to simplify your accounting and analyze your entire budget !

Manage the budget for each boat

Accounting management with CMMS software plays a crucial role in optimizing costs and streamlining the financial processes involved in maintaining a fleet of boats. Among other things, it enables : 


  • Cost reduction : by optimizing maintenance plans and reducing breakdowns, emergency repair costs and downtime, the software delivers substantial savings.

  • Improved asset lifespan : regular, well-planned maintenance extends the lifespan of boats and their equipment, reducing expenditure on new investments.

  • Maintaining the value of your fleet : having up-to-date software means having up-to-date maintenance records. It's your reference when you sell your boat(s).

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Accounting for a vessel


There is no legal requirement to keep accounts for each individual vessel, except, of course, to keep accounts for the company as a whole. Nevertheless, cost accounting will help optimize your fleet's financial performance. Here are some possible contributions: 

  • Resource allocation : the software helps you allocate the right resources to the right tasks, resulting in more efficient use of the budget.

  • Budgeting and forecasting : CMMS enables you to predict future costs based on historical data and anticipated maintenance requirements. This facilitates the preparation of accurate and realistic budgets.

  • Analysis and reporting : integrated analysis and reporting tools enable you to monitor fleet performance and make decisions based on concrete data. This includes the generation of financial reports.

How can you simplify this management task?

CMMS lets you organize your accounting in advance. You can allocate a budget for each boat and enter your financial movements very easily. Organized reports and spreadsheets can be generated to simplify all your accounting.

By identifying the different areas of expenditure, such as insurance, maintenance, winter storage and fuel, you can simplify your accounting efforts. What's more, you can generate reports, compare expenses from one period to the next, and identify areas where savings can be made. So from one year to the next, or from one month to the next, you can better manage your budget, allocate your financial resources efficiently and save money at the same time !

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Manage your expenses and income with the BoatOn Book

Your budget is automatically linked to your interviews. So, if you have a cost associated with a task, when you save it, you indicate the amount that will be added to your expenses. Alternatively, you can add your expenses and income directly from the module.


Link your invoices to your budget and they will also be available from your documents, minimizing the risk of loss. Don't waste any more time keeping your invoices and receipts in binders - import them directly into your BoatOn Book !

In the budget section, you can also :


  • Filter your income and expenses by period, transaction type, amount...

  • Generate graphs for a simplified view of your financial movements

  • Export your budget in Excel format to facilitate your company's accounting.


Don't wait to save money and sink under the bills. The BoatOn Book is your best ally for simplifying your accounting management and gaining a better understanding of your fleet's expenses !

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