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Users and externals providers management

Add your teams and service providers to your fleet's BoatOn Book, then customize their roles according to their function ! 

Manage your teams and external providers

Boat fleet maintenance is an essential component of maritime management, ensuring vessel safety, regulatory compliance and operational sustainability. It can be carried out either by in-house crew members (mechanics, chief mechanics, etc.), or by specialized external service providers. Crew members play an important role in passing on information to the captain, then to the chief mechanic or technicians...


The company's various employees are involved in all aspects of ship maintenance. Internal tools to facilitate communication are essential to ensure the fleet's operational function, but above all to enable crew members to work safely. 

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Crew-related regulations

Equipage de marin sur un yacht

Maritime regulations exist in relation to ship crews. One of the most important is the MLC (Maritime Labour Convention), signed in 2006, which defines minimum decent work standards for professionals in the maritime sector. This convention covers most of the legal aspects of seafarers' working lives, such as working and living conditions on board, and social protection.


There is also the STCW Convention (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers), which defines training, certification and watchkeeping standards for seafarers. It stipulates the qualifications required for different positions on board, ensuring that crew members have the skills needed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.


Companies must provide their crews with the necessary equipment to ensure that they can carry out their tasks safely and efficiently. CMMS software is an essential tool for companies in the maritime and inland waterway sectors.

How can you simplify this management task?

CMMS enables crew management. Crew management functionalities offer a complete solution for the efficient management of boat crews, enabling optimized planning of human resources, judicious assignment based on skills, rigorous management of certifications and documents, reduced labor costs...


It also enables improved communication between crew members, precise management of working hours and leave, and performance analysis to identify areas for improvement, while ensuring greater regulatory compliance. Using the right tools for crew management delivers operational efficiency and greater satisfaction for your sailors!

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Include your users in the BoatOn Book

It's possible to add all the people who revolve around your boat or your fleet of boats. Depending on their status with regard to the fleet, you can customize each access to the BoatOn Book. For example, your chief mechanic will only have access to the maintenance and inventory module, while the captain can be an administrator and have access to all modules. He can freely add and modify information, and assign tasks.


Simplify your life ! Even add people who seem far removed from managing your boat. Your accountant, for example. Give them read-only access to the budget section of your BoatOn Book, so they can get to grips with your accounts more quickly !

You can also manage your sailors' diplomas and outfits :


  • Reference their equipment sizes such as gloves, shoes, PPE...

  • Enter the diplomas held by your crews: Captain 200, engineer 750 kW...

  • Keep your diplomas up to date, with reminders when they expire.


By giving your sailors access, you integrate them a little more into your fleet, and offer a quality tool without the risk of losing information or having it transmitted inefficiently. Add your crews today ! 

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