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Statistics analysis

Get all your fleet statistics and analyze them to manage all your boats more effectively !

Analyze your statistics to set goals

Analyzing statistics from boat fleet management software is important for a number of reasons, including target setting, cost savings and better resource allocation.


Analyzing statistics from data entered in the software enables you to : 


  • View boat performance and fleet utilization

  • Preventive maintenance actions

  • Track costs and revenues

  • See changes in your parts and equipment inventories


CMMS enables you to generate reports and provide usable data to define precise objectives and improve efficiency. 


What regulations apply to statistical
data ? 

Of course, there is no legal obligation for most companies in the maritime and inland waterway sectors to have usable statistics. The major shipping companies will tend to be more attentive, particularly in managing their costs, but also their extra-financial performance.


Indeed, major companies are required to draw up extra-financial reports, such as the CSRD report, in order to demonstrate concrete efforts from an environmental and social point of view. To be able to draw up this kind of report, it is necessary to base it on concrete data and analysis.


The CMMS will, in part, make it possible to provide an analysis of the boat's proper maintenance, and compliance with regulations, for example. It is possible to create reports based on the data entered, which will serve as a basis for in-depth analysis.

How can you simplify this management task ?

It's hard to get reliable data with paper-based management. Nowadays, data is important to better understand how certain aspects of the fleet operate, such as fuel consumption, stocks used per boat, maintenance performed most frequently...


For reliable, accurate data, using software is the best option, as it will collect a large quantity of data live or almost live, stored automatically in one place. CMMS makes it much easier for a marine or inland waterway company to carry out analyses, while contributing to a safe environment for crews. 


Some software packages already provide detailed graphs based on recorded data. Data can also be easily extracted for internal uses.

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Visualise your fleet's statistics with the BoatOn Book

Visualizing your boat's statistics has never been easier. From your fleet, select the boat whose data you wish to view, choose the data type and date range, and the graph is automatically generated!


You can view different graphs of your overdue tasks, your validated tasks, your income, your expenses... A few clicks to target or filter your data and your graphs are at your fingertips!

Statistics and graphs are also visible from your budget section ! Filter your expenses and income for a simple, clear view of your budget. Divided into different types, it's easy to analyze and graphically visualize where your biggest expenses are.


And if you're an expert in Excel and pivot tables, don't worry ! You can export your BoatOn Book data in Excel format. You can download clearly organized spreadsheets and manage your graphs directly in Excel. Clever, isn't it?

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