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Deep Blue Soft vs. BoatOn Book

A boat maintenance assistance application is a complete solution aimed at archiving all the information relating to the life of the boat. With all this information, owners can simply carry out all the steps necessary for the proper functioning of their vessels.  

In this article, we are going to compare two boat maintenance aid apps with the aim of helping you find the app that will solve your problems.

What is boat maintenance software?

Boat maintenance software can also be called CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management). They make it possible to carry out all the maintenance operations of a boat such as the inventory,the interview, stocks, etc. This software is practical, but above all they ensure the safety of boats and their variousequipment. According to the international maritime safety management code, this type of software is mandatory for boating professionals.

How important is boat maintenance software?

In the context of yacht management, these software are essential because they allow you to centralize all your information on a single application. You will therefore no longer need notebooks or papers, these software allow you to find all the information you want very quickly. 

Thanks to these CMMS software you will have a simplified management of your boat. From your smartphone, you will have access to everything you need to optimize your time and your yachting management. The software saves the complete history of the vessels, whether in terms ofmaintenanceor equipment on board. This data is therefore accessible with a single click, which facilitates the management of your fleet. 

Comparison of Deep Blue Soft and BoatOn Book offers

Logo Deep Blue Soft

Deep Blue Soft is boat maintenance software. Thanks to many features, it facilitates the management of boats. It is a computer-assisted maintenance management software.  It allows you to have a look at all your boat's information via the mobile application. Deep Blue Soft identifies many important features in the context of ship management. In particular, it allows you to have a look at the entire maintenance plan . 

BoatOn_Logo_dark blue.png


theBoatOn Bookis the first eco-responsible boat maintenance software. This solution allows you to manage all the information relating to your boat from your smartphone or computer. The BoatOn Book is mainly used by professionals who want to save time in their yachting management. It is a software recognized for its usefulness as its practicality. 

Deep Blue Soft vs BoatOn Book in a nutshell


In a few words, the BoatOn Book is: 

Group 52.png
Group 53.png
Group 54.png
A time saving of 40%
Learning in 3 minutes
More eco-responsible maintenance

Let's talk a little more about BoatOn Book, the maintenance software for yacht management

My checkups

Theinterviewsof a boat are essential. This functionality allows the user to have a complete history of the maintenance operations carried out including the date, the amount of each cost as well as the categorization of these interviews. In addition, it is possible to schedule your next interviews from the application. 
"My maintenance" then alerts you when your maintenance operations are approaching. It will send you an alert at D-30 and D-7. It will then no longer be possible to forget an interview.

From "my interviews" record all your maintenance operations so that you don't forget any more! If you can't, clickhere

Mon inventaire BOB

My users

The management of users who intervene on the boat is essential for a yacht manager. This feature lets you add a user, assign them tasks, control which parts of the software they can see, and track the progress of ongoing tasks.
"My users" therefore appears essential to give access to the crew, give them tasks to perform and monitor their progress.

For example, you can grant access to all software to your captain. If you can't, clickhere

Gestion du budget grâce au logiciel BoatOn Book

My documents

Having all your essential documents for your boat on one application is important. Your documents are visible from your application with just one click.
The "my documents" module gives you one-click access to allessential documentsof your boat. Thanks to this module, you will also be able, via the interconnection of information, to grant access to documents to certain users.

For example, you can keep track of your sailing permits, your insurance, etc.

Ma flotte BOB

My BoatOn Book

In this module, you will find all the important events of your boat in chronological order. You will be able to quickly and easily view the list of interviews carried out and anticipate future interviews. With this tool you can also prove the good management of your boat to a third party by directly transmitting this history. 

For example, if you wish to sell your boat, share this sheet with the future buyer so that he can see the interviews you have carried out. 

Mes entretiens BOB

My inventory

The inventory allows you to have a view of your equipment in stock and your parts on board. It facilitates stock management and stores old invoices. 
"My inventory" traces all the history of your purchased parts with their amount. You will therefore have an idea of the most frequent categories of expenses. "My Inventory" alerts you when a part may be missing. You will simply have to order new ones directly via the mobile application. 

For example, you can note theequipment requiredfor your boats and their use or not on each sea trip. If you can't find it, clickhere

Mes utilisateurs BOB

My budget

This tool allows you to track all your expenses and income on your boats. You will be able to add all your expenses and they will be directly visible on the application. You can filter according to a duration or type of maintenance in order to optimally follow your expenses. 
"My budget" retraces the history of yourexpensesin order to give you a clear overview,   whether at the level of maintenance or repairs. 

For example, you can add an expense incurred on your boat. If you can't, clickhere

Mes documents BOB

My fleet

This feature allows you to view all the important information about your boat with just one click. You will be able to see the maintenances to come, the current anchorage of your boat, your profits and your expenses. All this information is visible by a clear graphic which takes up these elements in detail. 

"My fleet" will offer you a complete view of your boats with a precise summary of the essential information concerning them. This is an essential feature for superyacht management or yacht management. 

For example, you will be able to quickly view the main information of your boat.

Ma flotte BOB

In summary, theBoatOn Bookis a very complete software that will guide you in all your daily tasks. It is an efficient software that will save you time on all your operational management with its multitude of features that adapt to each user profile. Enjoy your boat, we take care of the rest. 

You're not convinced yet ? Listen to our client Philippe Vignaux, technical director of Wistream, a Yacht Management company based in Toulon who talks about us!

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