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Digital Nautic vs BoatOn Book

In this article, we'll compare two boat maintenance software to help you identify which software is best for your needs. But before going into details, let's ask the right question: what is boat maintenance software?  

Boat maintenance software is software that helps boat owners perform all the essential procedures tothe interviewof the last. This type of software is an all-in-one solution that archives all the important information concerning the life of the boats.

Presentation of the two boat maintenance softwares

The most interesting feature of these software is the concentration of information in one place. Indeed, they will allow you to view the status of your fleet at a glance on a single application. Such a tool allows you to permanently separate yourself from your paper notebook, or from the various folders and files cluttering up your computer. 

By opening the application on your phone, or on your computer, you will have fingertip access to everything you need to optimize your time, yourexpenses, your recipes. The software saves the complete history of the vessels, whether in terms of maintenance orequipment on board.

Comparison of Digital Nautic and BoatOn Book offers


Digital Nautic is a company whose aim is to support boat rental companies in the digital transition. This transition is taking place through the development of online solutions allowing boating professionals to improve their level of service: reservation platform with payment security, contract automation, collection of customer opinions, sale of additional insurance.

BoatOn_Logo_dark blue.png


The Boaton book is a software created by the French companyBoaton. It is the first eco-responsible maintenance software. This solution allows you to manage all the information relating to the life of your boat from your computer or smartphone. The Boaton Book can meet the needs of all types of user. It has features that can satisfy boat rental companies that own boats such as sailboats, semi-rigid, outboard... The Boaton Book is a smart software known for its usefulness as well as for its practicality and simplicity.

Comparison of Digital Nautic and BoatOn Book

BOB VS autre EN-3.png

In a few words, the BoatOn Book is: 

Group 52.png
Save 40% time (observed average vs paper management)
Group 53.png
Get started in 3 minutes
Group 54.png
Benefit from expert advice to adopt more eco-responsible reflexes

Let's talk a little more about BoatOn Book, the maintenance software dedicated to boat rental companies

The module my interviews

Theinterviewsof a boat are essential, but sometimes difficult to archive properly. With the BoatOn Book, managing the maintenance of your boat becomes child's play. This section of the Boaton Book allows the user to have a complete history of maintenance operations (date of the last overhaul, parts that have been changed, price paid, etc.).

In addition to these features, the Boaton Book warns you when a maintenance operation is approaching. With our application, it becomes impossible to forget an interview. Indeed, it will send you an alert at D-30 and D-7.

Mon inventaire BOB

The module my users

When you have to manage several boats, it is essential to correctly manage the people involved in the fleet. This feature of the application allows you to add multiple users, assign them tasks and permissions, and check that these tasks are being carried out correctly. 

For example, you can grant full access to the software when it comes to an employee of your company, but grant restricted access when you do business with a service provider outside your company._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Mes entretiens BOB

The module my inventory

The inventory allows for simplified management of the boat and its parts. It makes it possible to find all the on-board equipment in the same place.  

With the history of the parts purchased and their amount, this section allows you to identify which items My inventory also notifies you when a part is out of stock. All you have to do is recommend a new one via our application.  

For example, you can record the necessary equipment for your boats and their use or not on each sea trip. 

Mes utilisateurs BOB
Gestion du budget grâce au logiciel BoatOn Book

The module my Documents

The "my documents" module allows you to store and have one-click access to all the documents essential to your boat. With this section, you will also be able, via the interconnection of information, to grant access to documents to certain users.  

With this feature, you'll never waste time looking for a license, certificate or proof of insurance again. For example, you can keep all these memory documents on the application so that you always have access to them.

For more information on the documents required for navigation, clickhere.

Ma flotte BOB

The module my BoatOn Book

This module chronologically classifies all the important events of your boat. Within seconds, you have the ability to view past and future interviews. This section is a real plus if you decide to sell your boat. With this tool, you will be able to justify the good maintenance of your boat to a potential future buyer.  

At the time of resale, this history allows you to offer your property at a higher price than the rest of the market. Indeed, the history gives your offer a certain credibility. 

The module my budget

This section of the Boaton Book allows you to view all expenses and income related to boats. In order to have a clearer view, you can filter the financial outflows and inflows according to a specific period, or a type of maintenance.

For example, if you realize an expense for the maintenance of your boat, you can add this expense in a few clicks in order to archive it.

For more information on boat maintenance costs, clickhere.

Mes documents BOB

The module my fleet

With just one click, this feature allows the user to have a complete view of the status of his fleet. The user will thus be able to see the upcoming interviews, the current mooring place, the income and the expenditure, all filtered according to the different boats he owns. This is an essential feature when you have several boats.

Need an example? lookthis videodemonstration.

Ma flotte BOB

In conclusion, theBoaton Bookis a really complete application that will guide you in your daily tasks. Despite its many features, the software remains simple and powerful. It will significantly reduce the time you spend on all your operational management.

Do you need additional arguments? Let yourself be convinced by our client, Philippe Vignaux, Technical Director of Wistream, a yacht management company based in Toulon.

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