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Download the "BoatOn Pro" application and enjoy your boat, we take care of the rest

The best quality at the best price for your boat


As soon as you send a request through the application, we contact all the professionals around your boat who can respond to it. In a few days, you receive their quotes and can compare the prices, the quality of the materials or the speed of intervention and make your choice in complete freedom. All in all, professional quality at the best price!

Manage your boat
Where you want
When you want

No need to waste time looking for information about your boat or the right repairers, BoatOn takes care of it for you!
And you can access our services from your phone or tablet at the time
  and from wherever you choose.

Think only of enjoying

We want you to think only about enjoying your boat.
Our goal is to simplify your life: find you professional quality at the best price for the maintenance of your boat, someone you trust to clean it before your weekend with your friends or even a parking lot to store it during the winter or the year. And all your boat data is accessible with just a few clicks in the app. No more risk of missing a test!

What can BoatOn do for me?

BoatOn takes care of the management in the general sense of boats. From routine maintenance to monitoring ongoing repairs or obtaining a parking space (service available soon), we take care of everything so that you can only think about enjoying your boat.


What do I risk ?

Nothing at all ! We only deal with certified professionals and only the information necessary for establishing quotes is shared.

​​​​ Should I be worried about my personal data?

No. Your email address and other data that you communicate to us are used so that boat professionals can send their quotes. We will send you special offers and important news about our services from time to time, but you can unsubscribe at any time. Your personal data remains your property no matter what.

How much does it cost ?

Nothing ! The quotes that the professionals we contact are FREE thanks to a partnership that we have concluded with them.

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