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Idea Data Solution VS BoatOn Book

Today, boat maintenance software is a must have for boat owners of all sizes. Any owner or boat manager can store all information for a good management and state of the ship. 

This article aims at comparing Idea Data Solution and the BoatOn Book in order to help you find the best software that will meet your expectations.  

What is boat maintenance software?

Yacht maintenance software is a computer system that will help owners and yacht managers in their daily tasks. They are generally accessible on computer or smartphone 24/24 and 7/7. These tools will intervene on several aspects such as the management of the maintenance plan, the inventory of spare parts, the management of the on-board documents and allow to comply with theinternational maritime safety management code(ISM in English). This software ensures the safety of ships, crews and passengers of a yacht. 

How important is boat maintenance software?

CMMS maintenance software centralizes all information and stores all of a vessel's history. They are useful on a daily basis for monitoring upcoming tasks and managing the crew or external service providers, but also at key moments in the life of a boat. On resale, for example, the owner of a yacht who has easy-to-use maintenance software will be able to value the maintenance carried out and prove all the adjustments made. He will thus have solid and objective arguments to defend the price he is asking.

Such software is also very useful in the event of a dispute with a third party such as a service provider or an insurance company. In a few clicks, you can access the information needed to prove your good faith. The "BoatOn Book" software allows in particular to give restricted and temporary access to certain data to people who request it.

Comparison of Idea Data Solution and BoatOn Book offers


Idea Data Solution is a German boat maintenance software company that markets different products. Idea Data Solution is a software created in 1999 which intervenes on several issues such as the development of the maintenance plan, a documentation service where the various administrative papers are stored and a database personalized according to the needs of the customer.

BoatOn_Logo_dark blue.png


The BoatOn Book  is the 1st intelligent and eco-responsible boat maintenance software . This solution was created by BoatOn in 2021 and won an award at the Cannes Yachting Festival upon its launch. The users of the software emphasize its ease of handling (less than 3 minutes), its possibility of evolution (tailor-made developments can be carried out) and its unbeatable quality/price ratio.

Let's present the two offers of CMMS 

BOB VS autre EN-2.png

The BoatOn Book in a nutshell

Group 52.png

A time saving of 40% concerning the administrative part 

Get started in just 3 minutes

Group 53.png

Eco-responsible advice to learn how to better maintain your boat  

Group 54.png

The BoatOn book in details

The module  my interviews:

Thanks to the My interviews page, you will be able to access the complete history of yourmaintenance operations. From this module, you can consult the history of the interviews carried out, plan future tasks or even send mission orders to service providers or crew members.

You can also generate automatic maintenance reports in 1 click.

Mon inventaire BOB

The module  my users:

Managing or owning a yacht involves coordinating and involving dozens of stakeholders. The "my users" module   allows you to give access to these people and to choose the level of information they can consult. Choose between predefined roles (administrator, supervisor, captain, sailor, etc) or create your own roles.

To see this feature in pictures, clickhere

Gestion du budget grâce au logiciel BoatOn Book

The module  my documents:

From the "my documents" module you can access allindispensableof your boat.

This is where you will find attachments in other parts of the software (eg interviews) and can add crew member certificates, sailing permits, insurance certificates, etc.

Mes entretiens BOB

The module  my inventory:

This part of the software allows you to know in real time the stock status of parts, plan their replacement and create purchase orders. It is also possible to export the data in excel or pdf format or to generate a pre-filled email with the details of the parts you wish to order. All you have to do is click on the "send" button!

You will find an explanatory video on ourYoutube channel.

Mes utilisateurs BOB

The module  my budget:

The "my budget" module allows you to follow all theexpensesand income from your boat. You will be able to filter your main expenditure and income items in order to optimize your costs and manage the yacht's accounting.

Any expense recorded in a maintenance or other part of the software is automatically added in this section. This way, you don't waste time looking for what the expense is related to.

Discover our tutorial on our YouTube channel: clickhere

Mes documents BOB
Ma flotte BOB

The module  my fleet:

My fleet provides an overview of important information about your boats. From this module, you will have a look at the mooring, income and expenses, the last and future interviews...

Statistics on the state of your fleet will be presented in a graph and will allow you to see the number of maintenances to be carried out, the gains or expenses over a certain period, the parts out of stock, etc.

The module  my BoatOn Book:

The "my BoatOn Book" module   classifies the important events of your boat in chronological order in order to have an overall view of the maintenance plan. The interviews are easily identifiable, you can share this history with a third party in order to justify the main events of the yacht.

For example, in the context of a boat sale, sending this history constitutes proof of optimal monitoring of your boat.

Ma flotte BOB

In summary, theBoatOn Bookis a complete yacht maintenance software, which adapts to each case and is scalable. The software is also the best value for money on the market and offers 6 non-binding offers.

You're not convinced yet ? Listen to our client Philippe Vignaux who talks about us! 

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