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The press talks about  BoatOn

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More and more relayed by the press

Increasingly quoted in the press, the BoatOn Pro concept has been relayed in the specialized media of the nautical world since February 14, 2018.

The media that talk about it

BoatOn can be found in the press articles of: Atout Nautic, Breizh-infos, Voile Banque Populaire, Le Petit Economiste, Sud Ouest, Tip & Shaft and everything is ressème in Hors-Bord Magazine.  The services present on the BoatOn Pro application are highlighted, one by one, by the press. Insurance, parking, repairs, maintenance booklet, all are valued by the press for boaters.

Atout Nautic is the leading portal for marinas in France with 6 service info pages by port and local and national nautical news.


Breizh-infos is an independent media dealing with international news and Breton news.


Voile Banque Populaire is a media that deals with current events in the nautical world of Banque Populaire. Major sponsor of many skippers Banque Populaire allows the financing of the boats, it is a support for the development of sailing.


The little economist is a magazine that covers economic and professional news from the departments of Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres and Vienne.  


Sud Ouest is a media that deals with regional news and information: politics, economy, sport, photos and videos.  It is the second French regional daily just behind Ouest-France.


Tip & Shaft is the weekly newsletter for ocean racing professionals and enthusiasts,  written each week by two professional journalists, recognized experts in ocean racing.


Hors-Bord Magazine is a magazine that deals with news and trends in motor boats.

Of the  Genesis  At the creation

From the original idea drawn from a personal experience of the founder Bertrand Gerbaud in Switzerland on Lake Geneva, to the design of the application, including the various services and the fact of making life easier for boaters, everything is there. just download the BoatOn Pro application.


You will find various articles that deal with the genesis of the company, since BoatOn Pro is an application created by boaters for boaters, its services and also its presence at the Grand Pavois 2018. 

The different services  proposed 

In the press articles you will find various and varied information about BoatOn Pro, the circumstances of creation of this application and the services that the free application offers.


The genesis of BoatOn Pro begins with an observation by Bertrand Gerbaud, himself a yachtsman on Lake Geneva, who realizes the difficulty of finding a reliable professional as well as the difficulties in finding parking for his boat, he decides therefore to develop a concept around this axis.

The concept of BoatOn Pro was born, a free application aimed at making life easier for boaters and in particular access at first around these two difficulties of knowing how to find parking and have their boat repaired.

Subsequently other findings are made such as the price of insurance or the organization of access around the various revisions of the boat.


The digital maintenance log allows you, for example, not to miss the different revisions of the specific elements of your boat with an intelligent calendar system that foresees future revisions  from a first.


The section "  fix my boat  » allows you, when you have an incident on your boat, to receive free quotes from the five best professionals around you.


Find a car park  is a very unique system that allows you to find parking according to where you are in France, a system that puts private owners of land in contact with boaters who wish to park their boat.


The part "  insure my boat  » allows you to apply for insurance adapted to the use you make of your boat, the application is made to specialized insurance organisations. You will receive free of charge following your request various quotes among  which you just have to choose.

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