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The 1st smart & eco-friendly maintenance software for boats

+ 4 000 boats equipped

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40% time saved vs paper management

40% time saved vs paper management

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Less than 3 min to learn

40% time saved vs paper management


Smart alerts for better repair

40% time saved vs paper management

BoatOn Book is the 1st smart 💪 and eco-friendly ♻️ boat maintenance software.which has been specially designed to meet the needs of professionals in the maritime sector including companies specializing in maritime works. Developed in close collaboration with professionals in the maritime field and experts in watercraft maintenance, this software offers a simple and effective solution for managing the maintenance of your boat. It represents a first choice alternative to traditional PMS or CMMS software, thus responding in an exceptional manner to the specific requirements companies or organizations requiring diligent management of their fleet. Mooring, towing or underwater work companies have turned to us to equip their fleet with the BoatOn Book. This allowed them to reduce the time allocated to managing their boats by almost half, reducing the risk of damage which results in increased productivity.

The BoatOn Book: an easy-to-use all-in-one tool

The software has been designed to be picked up independently in 3 minutes. No training or demonstration is required and you can quickly see at a glance the life of a yacht, manage its inventory with all the equipment and parts on board, check the tasks carried out and schedule future ones, view expenses and income, store any document and finally have statistical reports on the state of the yacht or the fleet. It is therefore easy for any of your teams such as pilots, boatmen or divers to take it in hand, and to report information more quickly when they see a problem. You can quickly get a complete overview of the life of your ships, easily manage your inventory of equipment and parts on board, monitor completed tasks and plan future ones. In addition, you can manage your budget, expenses and revenues, store all your important documents, and get detailed statistical reports on the state of your maritime or sub-maritime fleet.

Get started with the software quickly with our team

 Benefits for your business

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  • Create maintenance tasks and assign your teams or suppliers to be operational all year round

  • Keep your inventory of parts and equipment easily updated to be better organized

  • Plan future maintenance tasks to preserve the sustainability of your fleet

40% time saving

  • Store important documents in one place

  • View the status of your work or navigation equipment and learn how to use preventive maintenance

  • ​+ 250 maintenance tasks pre-programmed to facilitate the creation of your tasks

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Don't wait until the last minute for your maintenance task

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Manage your budget with a single click

  • Follow your budget throughout the year as your projects progress

  • Analyze your expenses by poles to save money and manage your finances with intuitive charts

  • Control your maintenance budget more easily and optimize your inventory to avoid unnecessary costs

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The simplest maintenance software on the market

Choose the BoatOn Book to support you at sea during your maritime work and stay ahead in your maintenance!

The BoatOn Book in a few figures

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40% time saved vs paper management

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40% time saved vs paper management

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40% time saved vs paper management

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Create your account in minutes and get 1 month free trial. Subscription without commitment. 100% satisfied.

Test the BoatOn Book for free

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We explain its usefulness to you through our articles!

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