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for a boat

Round off your end of the month

BoatOn Pro allows you to rent out part of your property to safely accommodate a boat on its trailer. No need for large spaces, 15m2 is enough for a 4 meter boat for example. You are in control of your ad and can offer bare land, with direct access 24 hours a day or not, and set a rent by the day, week or month.

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Parking or wintering in 1 click

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Up to 40% savings on your insurance

Why rent my parking space on BoatOn Pro?

No matter what type of parking you want to share, BoatOn makes it easy and secure to earn money by reaching out to thousands of boat owners looking for unique parking, just like yours. Few constraints for a quick substantial gain since a storage space can be rented for up to 300 euros/month !

You stay in control

With BoatOn, you have full control over your availability, your prices, your rules to follow and your interaction with owners. You can set up schedules and manage the arrival process as you see fit.

You benefit from our expertise to insure your property

You are not sure that your private or professional insurance contract allows you to rent a parking space? We are ORIAS approved and specialize in short-term vehicle parking insurance and can help you protect yourself optimally free of charge.

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You can delegate the management to us

You don't have time to write ads or answer questions from future tenants? For 5 euros monthly per place, we do it for you. The icing on the cake: we also promote your ads.

(Degressive price according to the number of places, contact us )

We are listening to you

BoatOn offers tools, advice and support that can answer your questions or help you every day.

How it works ?

Creating an ad on BoatOn Pro is simple and free .


Describe your car park, indicate its dimensions, the equipment available and add photos.

Get to know your tenants before they arrive by sending them a message via our platform. You can greet them in person or simply show them the access to the car park.

Thanks to BoatOn's secure payment system, you'll never have to manage the money directly or chase after an unpaid bill . Renters are billed before they arrive and you receive your payment automatically after they move in, less a 12% service charge.

Do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to write to us, one of our captains will answer you as soon as possible!

*Potential gain for 1 year of rental with an average monthly rent of 167 euros.

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