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Marad VS BoatOn Book

A boat management software supports professionals in the maritime and river shipping sectors with their daily tasks such as maintenance management, inventory management, parts ordering and purchasing... These software solutions also assist with crew scheduling, certificate renewal, tracking of logs and navigations, etc.

Here's our comparison between two comprehensive fleet management software solutions: Marad and BoatOn Book.

What is boat maintenance software?

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software for boats is a technological tool designed to optimize and simplify vessel management. It allows managers and crews to track, plan, and document preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, ensuring that all operations comply with manufacturer standards and recommended timelines.

This software can include features such as inventory management, spare parts and equipment tracking, intervention history, periodic inspection scheduling, and performance report generation. By centralizing and automating these tasks, CMMS software helps reduce vessel downtime, improve safety, and extend the lifespan of all vessel equipment.

How important is a boat maintenance software passenger or freight shipping ?

Imagine a software that gathers all data related to your vessel: upcoming maintenance tasks, crew and external provider management, spare parts inventory, mandatory certificates... This is precisely what naval maintenance software offers. They ensure complete tracking of your boat's history, accessible anytime and anywhere.

In addition to centralizing information, these software solutions greatly simplify your daily tasks: intervention planning, budget tracking, order management... They become major assets during key moments in your boat's life, such as its sale. Indeed, a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software demonstrates thoroughness and diligence in vessel maintenance, thus helping to preserve its asset value.

These software solutions allow you to quickly retrieve the necessary information to prove your good faith and defend your interests in case of a dispute. For example, BoatOn Book offers the ability to share specific data with authorized third parties while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Comparison of Marad and BoatOn Book offers

DocSea, a subsidiary of the ITM company, specializes in developing CMMS software solutions. They have developed their fleet management solution : Mister Maint FIMS. Their software is a comprehensive system divided into three main blocks: technical, procurement, and safety. Mister Maint FIMS is certified by Bureau Veritas, and DocSea collaborates with companies such as Orange Marine, Saupiquet, and Les Bacs de Loire.

BoatOn_Logo_dark blue.png

The BoatOn Book from BoatOn is the 1st boat fleet management and maintenance solution. The aim of the BoatOn Book is to simplify all the operational activities of maritime and inland waterway operators : passenger boats, freight transport, rescue vessels, marine works... BoatOn also helps companies to manage their fleets in an eco-responsible way, while complying with current regulations.


Where the BoatOn Book innovates it's...

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A time saving of 40% concerning the administrative part 

Get started in just 3 minutes

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Eco-responsible advices to learn how to better maintain your boat  

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Discover the BoatOn Book, the best management software for your shipping fleet

Manage you services and maintenance

From the tasks module, you will have access to the complete history of your maintenance operations. You can review past maintenance tasks, plan upcoming tasks, and send work orders to contractors or crew members.

Additionally, you will have the ability to automatically generate maintenance reports with just one click.

Mon inventaire BOB

Rights and users 

Managing a fleet of boats involves coordinating various stakeholders. The user module allows assigning access to these individuals and defining the level of information they can access.

You can choose from several predefined roles such as administrator, supervisor, captain, sailor, etc., or create your own custom roles.

Mes entretiens BOB

Manage your inventory and purchases

This part of the software allows you to monitor the real-time status of parts and equipment stocks, plan their replacement, and generate purchase orders.

You can also export the data in Excel or PDF format, or create a pre-filled email containing details of the parts to be ordered, then click "send" !

Mes utilisateurs BOB

Follow your navigations with AIS

The logbook allows you to record all your navigations directly from your phone! By using your boat's AIS, you can precisely trace the routes of your vessels.

Plan your outings by consulting the integrated weather and analyze your navigations to optimize your consumption. Keeping your logbook up to date has never been easier with the BoatOn Book.

Manage your budget and accounting

The budget module allows you to track all expenses and income related to your boat. You can filter the main categories of expenses and income to optimize costs and manage the accounting of your vessels using the BoatOn Book.

Every expense recorded in maintenance or another module of the software is automatically added to this section, saving you the trouble of having to search for what it is associated with.

Mes documents BOB

Dashboard of the whole fleet

The fleet and statistics module provides an overview of essential information about your boats. You can find details on mooring, revenues, expenses, as well as past and upcoming maintenance.

Detailed statistics about your fleet's condition are presented in graphical form, allowing you to visualize upcoming maintenance tasks, revenues or expenses over a specific period, out-of-stock parts, and other relevant information.

Gestion du budget grâce au logiciel BoatOn Book

Integrate your documents and certificates

In the documents module, you have access to all essential elements of your boat.

You can view attachments from other modules of the software, such as maintenance reports, and add crew member certificates, navigation permits, insurance certificates, as well as any other necessary invoices or documents.

Ma flotte BOB

They trust us, why not you ?

Hard to make a choice ? Philippe Vignaux, Technical Director of Wistream in Toulon, has made its choice and gives you details about it !

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