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Service and maintenance management

Discover the central module of the BoatOn Book, which allows you to enter all your maintenance data and plan future maintenance !

What is maintenance monitoring?

CMMS software is used to plan, track and manage maintenance activities within an organization. Here's a brief overview of how maintenance is usually tracked in such software :

  • Request creation : the request is triggered by a reported incident, inspection or sensor data.

  • Task assignment : tasks are assigned to team members, along with deadlines and resource requirements.

  • Planning and scheduling : activities are organized according to resources and priorities

  • Real-time tracking : monitoring of task progress and problems encountered

  • Parts and inventory management : control of stock levels and recording of parts used. Forecasting of future orders

  • Documentation and history : information archiving for a complete history of fleet-related activities.

  • Analysis and reporting : evaluate performance, detect trends and make strategic decisions.

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Maintenance monitoring regulations in the maritime sector

Maritime regulations impose strict standards to ensure safety at sea and environmental protection. Although specific regulations vary from country to country and according to ship type, several general principles are commonly observed:

  • Vessels must be certified as complying with IMO and national regulations.

  • Preventive maintenance programs must be put in place to ensure the proper operation of equipment.

  • Maintenance risk management is essential to minimize hazards.

  • Detailed documentation of all maintenance activities is required. 

  • The use of CMMS software helps to meet these requirements, and to improve vessel safety and reliability.

Maritime regulations require rigorous management of ship and equipment maintenance. This means implementing preventive maintenance programs, managing risks and keeping detailed records. This ensures compliance and safety at sea for both passengers and crew.

How can you simplify this management task?

Although maritime regulations may not explicitly specify the use of CMMS software, many companies in the maritime sector are adopting these tools to facilitate the efficient management of on-board maintenance.


CMMS software enables maintenance activities to be planned, tracked and documented in an organized way, which can help ensure compliance with current regulations and improve ship safety and reliability.


Integrating a CMMS will help coordinate all maintenance actions and avoid problems at sea caused by over- or under-maintenance. In addition to better allocating your maintenance or repair tasks, you can efficiently assign your teams to the different tasks for which they will be responsible.

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How tasks work in the BoatOn Book

The tasks module is the heart of the BoatOn Book. It is the basis for most of the other modules in the BoatOn Book. It's from this module that you'll enter all your maintenance details and create your maintenance follow-up.


When creating a completed or future task, you will be asked for a complete set of information detailing your maintenance.

This information includes: 


  • equipment and parts associated with the task

  • the date the task was performed

  • number of hours if equipment is maintained on an hourly basis (engine, generator, etc.)

  • the person responsible and the manager for the task

  • the protocol to be followed

  • attachments associated with the maintenance (photos, pdf, invoices, etc.)


You can then create your task recurrence according to the manufacturer's recommendations or future maintenance date. You no longer run the risk of forgetting your various maintenance events. More than 250 maintenance events are already pre-recorded in the BoatOn Book, making it even quicker to enter information. Keep up to date with what's happening on your jobs via the activity feed, and receive notifications directly in your mailbox !

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