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Nauticoncept vs BoatOn Book

Boat management support software is software that helps boat owners, such as charter companies, perform all the essential procedures forthe interviewof their ships. It is an all-in-one solution that archives all important information for boat owners.
The purpose of this article is to compare two similar software to help you find the one that best suits your needs.

How important is boat maintenance software?

For a boat rental company such software is essential. They will make it possible to centralize on a single application all the information relating to the boats. The owner will therefore no longer need complex Excel files, these software will allow him to find all the desired information quickly and easily. 

Thanks to these CMMS software (computer-assisted maintenance management) the lessor will have a simple and efficient management of these different boats. In a few clicks, from his smartphone, or from his computer, the owner will have access to everything he needs to optimize his time, his expenses, and his income. The software saves the complete history of ships, whether in terms of maintenance or equipment on board.

Comparison of Nauticoncept and BoatOn Book offers


Nautifleet, is a management application created by the company Nauticoncept. The application is intended for dealers, rental companies or simply boat owners. It allows the collection and archiving in an e-logbook of maintenance of information on the operations undergone by the boat throughout its life. Using tools, based on the before and after photo, the yachtsman can validate the technician's requests remotely.

BoatOn_Logo_dark blue.png


theBoatOn Bookis the first eco-responsible boat maintenance software. This application set up by the Boaton company allows you to manage all the information relating to your boat in a few clicks on your computer or smartphone. It has features that can satisfy boat rental companies that own boats such as sailboats, semi-rigid, outboard... It is a smart software recognized for its usefulness as well as for its practicality._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Comparative table of BoatOn Book and Nauticoncept

BOB VS autre EN-4.png

In a few words, the BoatOn Book is: 

Group 52.png
40%: this is the average time saved by our users
Group 53.png
3 minutes: this is the time needed to get started with the software 
Group 54.png
A more virtuous approach to boat maintenance

Let's talk a little more about BoatOn Book, the maintenance software dedicated to boat rental companies

The module my interviews

Themaintenance operationsare part of the routine of boat owners. They are essential, but sometimes difficult to predict and classify. With BoatOn Book, these tasks that were previously daunting become child's play. At their fingertips, the user has access to a complete history of maintenance operations (date of the last maintenance, parts replaced, price paid, etc.). In addition to this history, the Boaton Book alerts you when maintenance operations are to come, or when certain operations are late. The application will send you an alert on D-30 and D-7. As you will have understood, it becomes impossible to forget the maintenance of your boat.

Mon inventaire BOB

The module my users

As part of a boat rental business, several people are likely to work on the fleet. It is therefore imperative to correctly manage the people correctly managed the people working on the fleet. The my inventory module therefore allows you to add several users, to assign them tasks and permissions, and to check the proper execution of these tasks.  

For example, you can grant limited access to the software when you do business with a service provider outside your company, and on the contrary grant full access when it comes to an employee of your company.

Gestion du budget grâce au logiciel BoatOn Book

The module my Documents

The "my documents" module allows you to collect all thedocuments relating to your boatin one place. With one click, you can access all your important documents. Your documents are stored securely. Only you and the people to whom you have given permissions can have access to it.    

For example, you can keep track of your boating license, insurance, etc. Do you need more information? Watch this demonstration video.

Mes entretiens BOB

The module my inventory

The "my inventory" module facilitates inventory management. With the latter, you can easily see your equipment in stock and thespare parts on board your boat.  

"My Inventory" gives you the possibility to have a complete history of the parts you have purchased. With this section you will therefore be able to identify which are the most important expenditure items. In addition, "My Inventory" alerts you when a part is likely to be out of stock. Simply place new orders directly through the mobile app.  

Mes utilisateurs BOB

The module my budget

In this part of the application, you can record all your expenses and all your income. Everything will be directly visible in the form of a graph on the application. In order to optimally follow your budget, you can filter according to a duration or a type of interview.    

For example, if you realize an expense for the maintenance of your boat, you can add this expense in a few clicks in order to always have access to it.  

For more information on boat maintenance costs, clickhere.

Mes documents BOB
Ma flotte BOB

The module my fleet

With this feature, you can view all important information about your fleet with just one click. You will be able to see the upcoming maintenances, the current anchorages of your different ships, as well as the earnings and expenses. All of this information can be seen in a clear chart that quickly details all of these items. The my fleet module quickly summarizes the general condition of all your boats. This is an essential feature if you need to manage multiple boats.

Do you need more information about this part of Boaton Book? Watch this demonstration video.

The module my BoatOn Book

This module gives you the possibility of chronologically classifying all the important events relating to your boat. At a glance, you can view past and future maintenance operations. If you decide to resell your boat, this section is a real plus. With it, you will be able to prove to potential future buyers that your boat has been properly maintained. 

The maintenance history of your boat gives your offer of sale additional credibility. At the time of resale, this history allows you to offer your property at a higher price than other properties on the market.  

Ma flotte BOB
To sum up, theBoatOn Bookis a very complete software. With this multitude of features, it will guide you in all your daily operations. Enjoy your boat, we take care of the rest. 

Do you need additional arguments? Listen to one of our clients, Phillipe Viganaux, technical director of Wistream, a yacht management company based in Toulon.

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