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Port and wintering at  Arcachon

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Between  Bordeaux and Arcachon

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Arcachon: an indisputable tourist attraction

Benefiting from an exceptional maritime basin, it has been able to take advantage of this situation to make it an essential tourist spot on the European Atlantic coast. Arcachon lives according to the seasons with its summer and winter town. It can also count on the emblematic quays of the basin and on the Thiers jetty in Arcachon. On each side of the latter, have a good time with friends or family along the fine sandy beach.

In the evening, the atmosphere attracts crowds taking advantage of craftsmen and painters in full demonstration. Finally, all the piers benefit from a magnificent panorama of the Basin which attracts photography lovers.


The attractiveness of the basin is not only summer. Indeed, we even consider a summer city and a winter city.      


The summer city is considered the city center of Arcachon by its attendance and its various places of entertainment in high season, including hotels, cafes and restaurants. There are shuttles docked and departing towards Cap-Ferret or the Ile aux Oiseaux. We will also note a meeting place for fishermen, the pier of the Chapel.  They claim to fish sea bream, ray and conger.


The Ville d'Hiver is a peaceful little corner of Arcachon. We find there the most beautiful houses of the city positioned randomly, forming winding alleys. Do not hesitate to walk around, this is how you will come across the most charming villas. In Arcachon, tourists have to do all seasons.

Arcachon 600x600.png

The maritime facade of Arcachon, a unique place

BoatOn hivernage à Arradon

Arcachon has the only deep-water port in the Basin and the second largest marina on the Atlantic Coast, with 2,600 berths.


Its size and its reputation attract many boaters each year but also tourists curious to discover. Since 2007, the establishment of a heritage quay reserved for traditional boats from the Basin such as pinasses, wolves, or old rigs has reinforced the enthusiasm around the port.


More and more cruise passengers are interested in the Arcachon basin. It is possible to embark from the Thiers d'Arcachon pier to cross the Bassin d'Arcachon towards Cap Ferret, or to approach the famous Cabanes Tchanquées. And yes, in Arcachon, everyone has the right to sail, even tourists who are not boaters.


During the summer period, we advise you to sail towards the Banc d'Arguin, a place very popular with boaters for its beauty and authenticity at the foot of the Dune de Pila. However, do not expect a desert island, its reputation attracts too many people in the middle of summer.

How to book parking for a boat in Arcachon?

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