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Port and wintering at  Arzal-Camoel

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Arzal, nugget of the La Vilaine estuary

Gateway to the estuary, border between river and ocean, the town of Arzal conceals great wealth, both heritage and natural. Its port and the dam, the village of Lantiern and its hiking trails are essential passages in this town. Arzal is also distinguished by the presence of several very well preserved mills. Near Lantiern for example, you can see the Moulin de Séréac (private site) listed as a Historic Monument.

Arzal is halfway between two peninsulas that have lived or still live with salt  : the peninsula of Guérande - where the famous salt comes from - and the peninsula of Rhuys which also produced salt from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. It was the monks of Saint-Gildas du Rhuys who had the first salt marshes built. In the 19th century, 230 gabelous (customs officers) and many salt workers and salt workers lived off the exploitation of salt. The name of Arzal is also originally a word composed of the preposition "  ar  "from Celtic"  are  ” = on, near – and the Latin word “  dirty  = salt. ARZAL = near salt.

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An exceptional environment

Place of passage between the territory of the Vilaine and the Guérande peninsula, place of entry to the river and exit to the sea, the dam (500m long) is a point of convergence of the region. It is the longest estuary dam in Europe. Several times a day, many onlookers come to watch the opening of the dam which lets the boats pass. The development of the body of water with the construction of the dam also allowed the development of pleasure boating and the port of Arzal-Camoël now has more than 1,100 places afloat.

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