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Fix my boat

Maintain your boat in 1 click

When you are looking for a simple and practical solution to maintain and keep an eye on your boat, you are often at a loss... especially new boaters! Here is a new tool to plan maintenance operations in 1 click from your smartphone. We hope it will relieve you of many constraints!

Les difficultés à affronter

The difficulties to face

Finding the right professional, requesting quotes, ensuring the quality of the service provider are all problems that every yachtsman is familiar with. As soon as you have to repair your engine, plan a maintenance operation or simply apply antifouling for sunny days, it is difficult to find the right contact, who can carry out a quality intervention at the fairest price.

But how to choose a trustworthy professional  ? On what basis can we be sure that the proposed prices are justified?  ? Unless you devote many hours to it, maintaining your boat can be a real headache.

Notre solution

Our Solution

The free BoatOn Pro application allows you to get quotes from the best professionals in your area in 1 click. No need to make countless phone calls, you just have to fill in your request in the menu "  fix my boat  » and wait for the proposals  ! In a few days, you receive several offers directly in your mailbox.

How it works ?

Download the app "  BoatOn Pro  » in the App Store if you have an iPhone or Google Play if you have an Android phone (brands Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, etc.).

On the application's home page, click on "repair my boat".  Give a title to your request, describe your needs, add photos, the desired date of intervention and you're done!

Comment ça marche ?

Quality First

We contact the 5 highest rated professionals in your area and you receive their quotes within days. On average, professionals take 1 to 3 working days to respond to a request. If your need is urgent, do not hesitate to mention it and we will try to find the right service provider as soon as possible.  !


We will send you the tariff proposals of the professionals directly on your mailbox. If you prefer to be contacted by telephone, we can also call you.

La qualité avant tout
La liberté de choisir

A free choice

Estimate in hand, you can compare the prices, the quality of the materials or the speed of intervention and make your choice in complete freedom. Our goal is that you are satisfied with the service provided and we do not intervene in the choice of a professional  !

Once you have made your selection, you can contact the professional to set an intervention date on your boat.


After his performance, we will make sure that everything went well. You can then evaluate the service provider, entrust us with the positive and negative points of his intervention and participate in the improvement of the services provided to boaters in your region.

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of our skills  :

Engine maintenance

Maintenance moteur
  • Annual review  : oil change, air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, check of the water pump turbine, engine anodes, alternator belt

  • Re-engining, reconditioning

  • Intervention on engine propellers, belt, etc.

  • Engine winterization

boat maintenance

Maintenance bateau
  • Treatment of gelcoats and polyester

  • Fairing

  • Anti-fouling

  • Underwater painting

  • Plumbing

  • Wintering


  • Carpet installation, refit

  • Replacement of seats, consoles, dashboards

  • Hand shower installation, outdoor table

  • Creation of storage, chests, etc.

Charpente et menuiserie

Carpentry and joinery

  • Modern marine structure  : plywood or strip lanking boats, glued laminated floors, epoxy glued laminated spars, etc.

  • Polyester

  • Interior or exterior paints


  • Aerial installation or repair  : VHF antenna, wind vane, radar, etc.

  • Installation of GPS plotter, radar, depth sounder, VHF radio, autopilot, Loch-speedo

  • Installation of multimedia systems  : sound, video, Hi-Fi, internet, digital switching


  • 12/24v or 220v wiring

  • Motor Electrics

  • Battery replacement

  • Heating

  • Air conditioner

  • Fridge

  • Seawater desalination

  • Electric or hybrid electric/petrol or diesel engine

Rigging for sailboats

  • Overhaul of winches, turnbuckle pins, guying, pulleys, running rigging, standing rigging

  • Action on  mast or boom

  • Replacement of forestay, sheaves and other moving parts

  • Repairs or changes to sails, splices, etc.



  • Maintenance of windows and plexi, stainless steel, aluminum

  • Polishing and buffing of the hull and superstructure

  • Upholstery or teak cleaning


  • Comfort  : Kitchen equipment, Stove and oven, Chemical toilet, Water supply

  • Security  : Lifejacket, Lifejacket, Bilge pump, Liferaft, Pyrotechnics

  • Rope  : Boat rope, Rope reel, Sails, Awning and dodger, Seamanship, Biminitop

  • Engine  : Boat anode, Propeller, Engine anode, Oil drain pump, Bow and stern thruster

  • Various  : Spinnaker pole, winch, pulley, porthole, cam cleat, shackle, cam lock, genoa furler

In short, we strive to find the best professionals to meet your demands. A single point of contact for all your needs  : BoatOn Pro  !

Combien ça coûte ?

How much does it cost ?

Nothing ! The quotes that we communicate to you are FREE thanks to a partnership that we have concluded with professionals.

When do I have to pay? And how ?

Once the intervention has been carried out, you can pay the professional directly.

Mon professionnel

Can the professional with whom I usually work be notified directly?

Absolutely. Specify the name of the professional or company you prefer to deal with and we will contact them first. Do not hesitate to tell us also if you do not wish  contact only this professional.

Download the free app "BoatOn Pro" and save time, money and quality  !

Available on the App Store or Google Play.

Téléchargez l'application BoatOn Pro sur Google Play, pour smartphone Android
Téléchargez l'application BoatOn Pro sur l'App Store, pour iPhone

Do you have a specific question? Do not hesitate to write to us, one of our captains will answer you as soon as possible!

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